Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too cute not to share!

Can somebody say AWWWW already?!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got scared in my own house.

I was using the computer upstairs in the living room when I realised that someone/something was looking at me...No, I'm not seeing things.. I'm serious..Guess who or what was it?

The fellar was slowly walking up the stairs so silently!

I turned my head and got the biggest shock but only managed to let out the littlest shriek. When I'm shocked, I cannot really scream out loud.

This is why I hate cats!! Stupid bugger. Can stare at me for one second somemore before my senses kicked in to shoo it away. Invade my territory already still wanna stare at me!

Cats are eerie creatures!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I succeeded...

in pulling a prank on the older sister today.

I was on my way to KL with a friend so we parked at Carrefour to use the KTM after that. Coincidently, I managed to spot my sister's car parked nicely there. I got pretty excited and thought of a brilliant idea.

I quickly asked my friend if he had a pen and paper. He said yes, so I took the marker pen and scribbled, 'HELLO, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID IN THE TRAIN. -X-' Because duh, I know how she gets to work everyday. I thought the plan was gonna fail anyway, since I did not try to forge somebody else's handwriting or anything.

Mana tau, when I came back home a few minutes ago..I saw that she was still awake, so I calmly asked her, 'Is there anything you would like to ask or tell me?'

She replied blurly, 'Huh?? Tell what? No..'

She didn't get what I was trying to ask her!

So I tried again for the second time, 'Really, there's nothing you wanna tell me?'

She answered, 'Tell what??'

Then I was frustrated already, so I continued, 'When you went to your car today, you didn't see anything meh?'

She replied, 'Ohhhh..*with a smile*' (At this point I thought she already knew it was me..but NO..) when she continued, 'Mummy told you is it?' (WAH, still so blur!! She doesn't know it's me yet!)

I just had to burst out laughing. 'It was me laaa!!'

Then she had to cover up, 'Stupid, no wonder the handwriting so ugly lah.'


Here's proof to my success in pranking her. I know it's small (I don't know how to do the click to enlarge thing), but what she said was Fiona Lim isfreakedoutbythestalkerwholeftanoteonhercarthatsays'Iknowwhatyoudidinthetrain':/

Sorry Jie! :) Good stress reliever right? HEHE!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I like it LONGER. *wiggle eyebrows*

Haha, waiiiitttt! Before you get any other wrong ideas, hear me out first..the title is not like what it seems okay you pervs!

This entry is not an advertorial, it's more like me attempting to win a new handphone. (Pick me, pick me!! Heheh) The LG new Chocolate (BL40) phone is LG's latest innovation which has a 4-inch widescreen. 4-inch okay?! Don't play-play. Now that's LONG for a handphone!
Okay, so what's good about long right?

Well, these are the few reasons among the million reasons why I think longer is better. Heh.
Note: These reasons might seem slightly bimbo, but I believe you will agree with me once you've finished reading. Admit it. :)

#1. No offense to the short people out there, but we all gotta admit the fact that legs that go on for miles are soooo sexy. That's why we girls are absolutely crazy over high heels, no? Why bother buying heels if not to create the illusion of looking taller?

Check out these killer heels! *dreams

Sure, high heels are painful most of the times but trust me, girls are willing to go through any pain (by any pain I don't mean knee jobs!) just to flaunt those supermodel legs.

So, long legs versus short legs? Who wins??
Exactly my point. =)

That is why the new LG Chocolate is also known as the 'supermodel' phone because of its sleek, slim, and LONG design.

#2. Alright, moving on to the next point. Personally, I feel that long hair allows one to be more versatile with different hairstyles in comparison to short hair.

With long hair, one can transform their hair from..

Sleek and straight...to ...Layered... to

...Soft, wavy curls.

You can play with different hairstyles eg. tie it into a ponytail, bun up your hair, braid it, etc. according to your mood whereas short hair definitely holds a limit to what you can do.

See, even she's emo that she cannot do much with her hair. :(

#3. Nails. Girly-girls love manicures because it makes them look so pretty and feel feminine! Long, manicured nails are also a fashion statement. So according to the Ris-tionary, you are a fashionista! Unfortunately, pretty nail arts can only be done on long nails.

Fashionista nails! =p

Obviously there are other options for people who have short nails like me because I play the guitar so I have to keep them short constantly :( Such options include wearing fake nails but nothing beats the original nail art. :)

Fake nail art.

P.S Phua Chu Kang will definitely agree with me on the advantages of having long nails. Especially on the last finger. Hahah, I know..eeeeeww, but you know what I mean.

#4. Eyelashes. The key to attracting someone you like is by 'electrocuting' him using your eyes. You may speak a thousand words through your eyes, so why not make the full use out of it by enhancing every bit of it right? Hahah.

No offense to the Chinese community (I'm Chinese myself okay), but we all know our eyes can be real 'sepet' up to a point where even Miley Cyrus poked fun of Chinese eyes :( So, short eyelashes + small eyes are a big NO-NO!

This is when you know that mascaras and falsies are here to save you from your misery.

Lo and behold! The wonders of mascaras and false eyelashes.

Don't you think her eyes are so defined, expressive, and dreamy?? It's as if speaking to me, 'Why, hello there, how you doin?' in a seductive tone. Compare it to a person with short eyelashes, which seems like it's screaming, 'HELLO AH! I'M TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION, CAN'T YOU TELL!'

WARNING: People who have short eyelashes who try to bat their eyelids to 'electrocute' their crush is going to find that it will be a challenging task because it is going to be too difficult for the crush to notice. Also, it might cause your crush to think that you are having some sort of blepharospasm-that's excessive blinking if you don't know.

So there you have it! This is definitely...






In short, LONGER means sexier!!! C'mon, agree with me already! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

With shock and fear comes comfort.

Had a rough patch early in the morning today. However, I still wanna thank God for providing me with these group of friends to get through it with me, comfort me, and lift my spirits up when I needed it most. I love you guys! (You know who you are) *Hugs*

Then again, there are always some people who just enjoy adding more salt on the wound just to..I don't know. Seriously I don't know why this person likes doing that. I will continue to pray.

On another note, my cousin brother is leaving to New Zealand in another few hours time. I'm gonna miss you. I know you will read this so stop being a silent reader lol! (He everytime teases me on MSN about my latest updates) I'm sad that I won't be able to spend CNY with you this year. :( No more poker sessions. Hahah! But I know you're there for a better future, so just remember to not neglect your favourite cousins here. HAHA. Take care! :)

Today is not a day I'd like for it to repeat itself.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not a very pretty image.

This morning I woke up with swollen eyes. Like the bee-sting kinda swollen eyes okay.

I panicked. Oh no!

Chatted with a friend, asked how how how..

Said friend suggested to google how to cure. And so I typed 'Instant Remedy for Swollen Eyes'. LOL.

Clicked the first link which appeared at the top of the search results.

Okay you must be wondering why am I blogging about this right. Just to inform you guys on how to cure puffy eyes if you were to wake up one morning and suddenly getting a shock like I did.

There are a few methods you can choose from:
1) Use cucumber slices. But since I don't have any cucumbers at home (Duh, we don't cook. No maid. End of story) so let's proceed to number two.
2) Use a teaspoonful of salt and mix it in hot water. Use cotton pads soaked in the saline solution on puffy areas. (Tried this, but didn't seem to work. I guess I lacked patience.)
3) Use cotton pads soaked in iced water to apply on puffy areas. (Because this was so cooling, I let it rest on my eyes for a longer period.)

I think method 3 worked best for me. The swell wasn't completely gone, but I think it reduced.

Now, my next Google search will be - How to instantly cure cough.

This cough has been attacking me since three days ago!! Doesn't help when I cannot control my diet i.e iced milo, ice cream, tomyam noodles. But I've been taking cough mixtures (which I hate!) and Strepsils and honey & lemon yet it doesn't help. =(

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sigh. What has Malaysia turn into?

If you are residing in Malaysia, you will probably know what the recent issue (note: sensitive issue) has got everybody talking about.

Okay, if you're living under a shell, you may click here to read more.

Here's something I wanna highlight in the article above.

"Pribumi Perkasa, one of the groups organising the demonstrations to be held after Friday prayers, condemned the attacks but warned that Muslim Malays, who dominate the population, were deeply concerned.

'We will continue to voice our feelings in protests today because you cannot stop the outflow of feelings on this issue,' the group's president, Ibrahim Ali, told AFP.

'I think it may have been because of restricting Muslims from voicing their anger and fears that the church attacks took place. You must understand that if Muslims are unhappy, I'm sure there will be no peace in this country."

Based on my understanding after reading the above, here's what I have to say..

#1. Yes, we cannot stop the outflow of feelings. But does that give them the permission to resort to violence?

#2. Oh, so if other people are angry and 'fearful', does that allow them to attack other's place of worship? Many cases where the people have been angry before led to PEACEFUL demonstrations (without any attacks, mind you) and yet they were asked to disperse with tear gas bombs.

#3. If Muslims are unhappy, there will be no peace. Correct me if I'm wrong, but IS THIS A THREAT TO ALL OF US?! Are we suppose to be fearful now?

Truth be told, the attacks have already instilled a certain fear amongst some of us. My friend was so paranoid about going out for yumcha last night in fear of getting 'bombed'. Haha.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Just got back from cheer practice. Speaking of which, I had a pretty funny conversation with my friends.

When Friend A saw me today, A said 'Wah, why your face so shingz today?' (Better thank God it's not shingz everyday. Heh)

I asked, 'Oh is it? Is it because of my swollen eyes?'

A said, 'Yes yes'.

I replied, 'Oh, I have been watching Grey's Anatomy the whole day. There were some touching scenes so I cried.'

A said, 'Are you serious? Hahahah!' and proceeds to tell Friend B about me crying over a TV series.

The suddenly defensive me then asked B, 'Eh, don't you cry during any touching scenes you watch as well? Got right???'

Friend B replied, 'Got la, but only those super touching ones..Not all..'

I argued back, 'But people dying is touching and sad.'

B said, 'In Grey's Anatomy, people die in almost every episode.'

*Both A & B continues to mock and laugh at me* =(

I dunno why I suddenly became so easily emotional nowadays too when I watch touching scenes. I used to be so strong okay!! Haha.

Do any of you cry while watching Grey's Anatomy?

Please tell me I have someone on the same boat as me. =)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Wedding at Temerloh

Okay, before I start off this entry, do you know why I like attending weddings?

Firstly, you get to see the bride during their prettiest and happiest moment. Secondly, you get to see the groom being 'tortured' by the bride's 'ji muis/close friends'. Thirdly, you get to eat non-stop. HAHA. So what if I like to eat, sue me.

Oh and if you don't already know, Temerloh is a small town in Pahang. Most of our times were spent at the Temerloh Rest House which is managed/ (owned?) by my granduncle (whose daughter is getting married, which means she's my aunty). Big family trees frequently confuse me.
Oh oh, another 'Did You Know' fact. Heh. Did you know that Temerloh is famous for its 'ikan patin'? That's catfish for those who dunno what ikan patin is.

Us at the rest house on the first night.

Next morning, we reached the bride's house only to discover that the groom has arrived. Yup, we were pretty late =( And that also meant we missed out the 'torture' session which the groom and his mates had to go through. Although I'd probably have no idea 8/10 what they were saying since everything was in Mandarin. =(

The bride's pet, Tung Teng, which appeared in many of their wedding photographs and was the centre of attention the entire day. So cute! It's a chow chow right?

Another reason to like weddings - the ang paos! =)

Then at night, we had to drive to Mentakab which was approximately 12km from Temerloh to attend the dinner at a school hall.
Yes, when I first heard it was gonna be held at a school hall, I was like 0_0. Seriously??

Fiona & I getting ready in our room.

Outside the hall.

As you can see, the school hall didn't look like a school hall at all. It was totally transformed into such a lovely space, with pretty lightings and interior designs.
Love this picture of us! That's my cousin Su May =)

Mum and Dad.
Ying Ying and her husband =)
Just to emphasise on how big the stage was. Huge! I think there were about 70 tables that night. Only downside was that the guests had to line up for food, buffet style. :( Not the usual wedding dinners where people serve you because of the huge crowd.
Sorry, just had to camwhore with the roses because they were everywhere and they smelt so good! =)
If you're wondering why was there a water bottle in front of me, it was because Darren was sitting beside me. He's my... *thinks* ... grandaunt's grandson, so that makes him my second cousin? LOL.
Darren, super tak layan camera. I felt better when I found out that he reacts the same when his parents call him. Hahah. You have to call him like thrice to get his attention.
Just one more. Heh.
After the dinner with Ying Ying. So pretty!
Couldn't resist self-timer shots. This turned out the most decent, the rest we were either stoning/laughing.
Last group picture at the Rest House. And this picture isn't even complete. There are still many more missing family members. Hehe.
Goodnight y'all.
PS. Down with sore throat and fever. BR ice-cream is patiently sitting at the freezer tempting me. Ooh, *grabs & gobbles*. I shall drink more water to compensate for my actions.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Beginning.

My dad hates it when I use the word anyways. He just read my previous post. LOL.

So this post is dedicated to you Papa.



Blessed New Year peeps! May this year be filled with much love, joy & peace.

PS. Crap. I'm turning 22. Seriously?!

Edit: I just read my previous post. Since when did I use the word 'anyways'?! Nonsense la. Oh well..