Sunday, October 29, 2006

I feel great.

YES..I went back to BB gym today..It feels damn nice after so many months not going there..prolly bout 3months or so..hehe..I am proud to say I didn't 'curi tulang' from doing any of the strength works..Okay fineee, I admit I did skip a few [when I say few, I mean like for instance, instead of doing 3sets of push-ups, I only did 2sets?] during the past classes [shhhhh!] but heyy, it was seriously tiring!

And yesterday was a blast. At least I had fun. I'm sure the rest had fun as well. We had a surprise BBQ party at Michael's house in KK for Wern Sern, the birthday boy. We told him that this whole party was for Mike's 'open house' cos Mike just shifted there not long ago. His birthday is supposed to be today so Happy Birthday Sern! He claimed that he knew about the surprise party. Okay fine, so they blindfolded him when midnight struck and brought him to the back of Mike's house. What he really didn't know was that everyone was there waiting for him to whack and splatter him with whip cream..=)
I was so bodoh to have stood there to see what was his reaction until he came towards me and wiped the whip cream off himself and put it on me..ishhh..made me slip and fell on the floor also! Babi Sern! Luckily it was your bday! Give you face only..The smell was terrible, eventhough it tasted good..Had it all over my hair so I had to wash it off in Mike's house itself..
Overall, I would say it was a pretty good surprise and the food was not bad..yumyum...Played some card game and left about 1.40ish.. Wanted to stay longer but got church next day so had to leave lor. =(

Will upload the pics soon when I get 'em. I brought my camera along you know..But too lazy to take pics..shows I'm NOT a camwhore! =p

Maybe at times...Not ALWAYS! =)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pee Dee

Port Dickson's beach is so ugly and polluted! [Like you all didn't know already]
Well anyway, I was there for only one night so it wasn't too bad after all..
Look at how dirrtyy the sea water is..makes you go 'Eeeewwww' right away..

A packet of Twisties buried under the sand though not entirely buried..Disgusting Malaysians! No wonder our local beaches are never beautiful..Except for a few of course..

My cuzzie holding a dead crab...

On the last day, we decided to walk up this hill where it lead to a lighthouse. It was really cool cos they said we were at the border line of Negeri Sembilan and Malacca. =) And then there was this sign at the top of the hill. It stated ' TIDAK SEORANG PUN YANG DIBENARKAN MEMASUKI KAWASAN RUMAHAPI INI TANPA MENDAPAT SURAT KEBENARAN DARI SYAHBANDAR MELAKA. ' Sounded so serious. But my uncle discovered that the gate to the lighthouse wasn't even locked properly. Cheh. Potong stim.

The lighthouse. Pretty right? Haha..

Yup. Guess that's about it. Overall, I would say that it was okay la. Considering I went with a bunch of cousins younger than me. Luckily there was Su May who is the same age as me. Hehe..Oh yeah, we played this card game called 'Moose' or something..It's really fun..The name might sound stupid but yeah, enjoyable game la..My cousin would have to take breaks in between to pee cos he claimed that the game was too 'chi kek' (exciting in Cantonese)..Lol..See?Proves my point that it's nice..Ask me to teach you how to play next time..But don't pee in your pants okay..=)

P/S: If you were observant, you would have realized that there aren't any pics with me in it. Reason cos I didn't appear to look good in every pic. Oh well..

Enough about PD, I so gotta tell you all about this. Karine got us this 7days free pass to True Fitness in Taipan. So the counsellor had our body weight and body fats measured! According to him, I am underweight. BUT I have fats to lose and muscles to build. FATS FATS FATS!!! I am gonna burn you soon! =p

Friday, October 20, 2006

I like you cos you're nice.

KennySia just rocks la..His blog occasionally has giveaways..And one guy even wanted to emulate him by giving away FREE Double A A4 sized papers...Lol..Kenny has such great influence eh?

His latest contest is giving away A free LG handphone.
Sad to say, there's only ONE. So the chances of you winning it is like reallyyyyy small. I really wanna give it a shot by entering it too. mind is so blank right now I don't know what story (be it real life or a created one..heehee) will be entertaining enough to grab Kenny's attention..

Oh yeah, by the way, the question to his contest..
"Is there a desperate addict in your life?"

Why am I even telling you all about this?! (In case you STILL don't know bout this cos u don't read Kenny's blog, which I doubt).. It's like making my chances of winning even smaller right..?=p The winner to be is what u really call 'One In A Million' ..Cos I've scanned through a couple of those comments and there were pretty good ones already. And the contest doesn't end till 17th November. Imagine how many more entries will there be pouring in!

So...if there's any of you who feels like doing charity right..Feel free to join in and when you DO win please mail it to me! Nyahahaha..I really want a new phone..My friends classified my phone as a construction worker's phone okay! [ No camera handphone ='( ] Pity me right! =( Can you imagine what it was like to go through those torturous and insulting comments..the shame I had to flushed pink cheeks!

I even joined another contest in 8TV to win some chun Motorola handphone..(Looks like a beauty to me) That was some CoolCitrus Listerine contest..Too bad you guys can't join already cos the contest is closed..heehee..But I doubt I'll win..=(

As you can tell, I am a SAD girl without a nice handphone..Make me happy will ya? =)=)
Thanks..Will be waiting and praying that whoever's intending to join to win..Please remember me when you win..After all you did join the contest for ME right?

Of course, you can also make my day happy by going straight to the handphone dealer to purchase it instead of going through so much hassle by joining the contest. Hahaha..

Thanks for taking time to read this. Congratulations for you have succeeded tolerating Florence's syok sendiriness..=)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Say Hello

Hey everyone!!
I've finally switched to Blogspot cos I realized that Friendster blogs aren't nice to use. (Took me awhile to realize that huh?Lol)

Okay let's see what shall I post..Hmm...*thinks*

Alright...Well, you see, as I was studying History last night for my test the next day (Last minute study does..! Yeah righttt.. Look how easily distracted I get..), my sister, Fiona, called me..So being the busybody that I am, I went out of my room to see what was up..Then she lifted up a pink manila card file which looked like it was made by some 9 year old...I looked into the pink file and saw many of those art works made by her and me. [She will laugh if she reads this..she doesn't consider mine as 'art']..My drawing was fantastic I tell you! =p Yeah, you better believe it.

That's not the point anyway. As I was skimming through my masterpieces..*Note the 'S'* , guess what I found? Guess! No la, not some expired food or my pet's fur..I found my kindergarten's report card! Not that big a deal eh? But you gotta read the comments made by my kindy teacher..

'She shows respect for her friends while at play and even during written work. Can give neat and tidy handwritting. Has to be encouraged to mix with her peers. Appears to be very particular in cleanliness. Washing her hands often.'

Everything I read was okay/acceptable until I read the last line. Lol. Must that be reported in the report card?? Seriously, was that necessary??! Then again, maybe she didn't have much stuff to write about me so she wrote that out of randomness. Like totally.

Guess that's it for the day. Exams are over. I have been in front of the screen for hours creating this blog. I better shower now and get ready for tuition.

-Signing off-