Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Amanda!

Amanda! A very Happy Birthday to you. Hope you enjoyed your big day although we celebrated with you a day earlier. Hehe. So I guess this is pay back time, because you left my face hanging at your blog (since my 19th birthday) for decades before updating again so I'm gonna do the same. Hah!

See you on your 21st! =)

Okay, I'm kiddin'.

I don't wanna get all corny now but I just have to. Haha. I hope this 6 years friendship of ours will not die off but only grow stronger. Please remember that we still wanna see each other get married and have kids okay! Respectively obviously, not together. Hahah. (Even though I still can't picture neither of us in wedding gowns or being a mum. The thought of it tickles me! Hehe)

Alright, corny session's over. Let's move on with pictures from that night. Location was at TGIF in The Curve. It was my choice to dine in there since the other three were so undecided.

The cake which Jasmine baked by herself. Good job Jaz! =)
Yes, she's twenty. No, she's not single. Sorry.
Three of us.
I am the darkest skinned compared to them =(
She got a 'surprise' from the TGIF crew. Everyone should know what TGIF's tradition is when it's your birthday but she doesn't know. It's either she's always that blur or she pretended to be blur. Hahah.

They talked her into standing on the chair but failed. Miserably. Why miserably? Cos they made her sing and dance as well but she just wouldn't give in. Hahah.
See her sour face. Hahah. Why lah you don't like to be the centre of attention? Teehee.

She preferred to give a short and sweet speech with a ketchup bottle instead. -_-'

Everyone sang the birthday song so loudly she doesn't need to stand on the chair anymore to gain attention. =p're getting older while I'm still young. Hahah, nevermind you can still be young. At heart.

After cutting the cake, it was time to open her birthday gift shared by us.

Jasmine and Aman explaining to her about how much we spent on this present with our hard-earned money. I didn't know about their evil plan so I just shut myself up the entire time.

She went all, 'Omg, are you serious you guys? I cannot accept this, it's way too expensive!' (Yeah, they put Aman's PSP in the box to make the whole thing look more real) but at the back of her mind she was thinking if we knew her at all cos she told us later how much she despised PSPs. Lol.

Then, as she dug in deeper, she found something else which was her actual gift.

Me being a busybody because I wasn't with Jaz when she bought the gift, and her, looking shocked while still wearing that 'Are you serious?' expression on her face.

Because this was what we got her. A red thong from LaSenza, some cutesy soap bars and erm, if you strain your eyes a little more, yes, that red box. Go figure. =)

Amanda's a weird person. How can anyone not like a PSP? I tell you all first, if any of you were to pull a prank like that on me, you can be rest assured that you will never get your PSP back. Haha.

Once again, Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rough or not?

Noticed the pictures above? Duh.

Anyway, I did my nails because I was and am extremely free these days. I know the picture is not really clear but it does look quite pretty when you see it up-close but not too close. Visual trickery. Hahah.

I've got some positive comments about it though. Two of my friends asked me how much did I spend on it which proves that it does not look like it's a DIY job. Hehe. Truthfully, it was done by myself and it's so easy because those pretty flowers are actually 3D stickers. Lol.

Besides being easy to apply on, these stickers have some bad points as well. They come off so easily. It's either that, or I'm being too rough. My maid agrees with the latter. She said I am the type of person who does not suit all this kinda girly things while the other two siblings are the more appropriate example of it. I don't know if I should feel insulted or not. Am I not being girlish enough?

Trust me, if you are laughing to yourself thinking that I'm crapping because all this while you have the impression of me being the super girly type/typical cheerleader, you're quite wrong. Well, quite wrong because I try to be more girly la. This Florence you now know has toned down a whole lot. I used to be a tomboy back in my primary school days.

Don't believe me? I shall now reveal the top 3 reasons on why you should.

1. I used to cycle around the neighbourhood trying to explore hidden roads from the narrowest to the sloppiest road. Then, we (my cousins and I) would cycle up to the highest slope we could find and then race down the slope to see who would be the first to reach my house. This explains the scars on my knees.

2. After a game of badminton, I would take the racket and whack my neighbour's rambutan tree aggressively until a few rambutans dropped to the ground and then my cousins and I would happily feast on our 'findings'. Hehe. Okay, this might sound more monkey-ish than tomboy but it still counts. What? Don't look at me that way, everyone has their own naughty deeds.

3. Hahahah. This is the most embarrassing one of all, but I don't care lah. It's history. Okay, you ready for this?? I used to go down the drain and catch tadpoles and longkang fishes! LOL. Those longkang fishes those days were damn nice okay, super colourful ones!

Tomboy enough or not you tell me.

Right up till today, I can never polish my nails nicely. That's why I said you can only look from far because if you see it closely, you'll see fingerprints/scratches/nail polish chipped off. Also, I cannot apply make-up for myself. I mean I can, but in a cincai kind of way.

Sigh. Tomboy enough or not you tell me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Apparently, a couple of you kind souls were sympathetic towards me about the con story unlike some other people *coughmarcuscough* who is super evil because they would rather laugh at people's misfortune than to comfort your dear friend in difficult times like this. 40 bucks short is indeed a difficult time for me okay.

Anyways, I was with my friends the other night during yumcha when they told us about this Japanese prank video clip, said to be very funny so I decided to check it out myself. Hehe. Watch this!

I'm currently reading this book to kill my boredom. I like this Kam Raslan's sense of humour. =)
Support your local author! (Although this book belongs to my dad's friend. Haha)

Alright, I'm running late. Gotta meet up with a friend. Tata!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th is usually known as a cursed day followed by other superstitions etc. As for me, Friday the 13th marks an angry day. As I'm typing furiously now, I can feel smoke coming out from whichever possible hole from my body eg. ears, nostrils. Bukan kentut lah.

Today, my dear readers, I shall reveal to you a boss an ex-boss's capability of conning people every opportunity she gets. If you all didn't already know, I quitted my job last week, precisely on a Friday. By right, I should be able to get my salary by the end of that day itself but due to her 'one-woman-who-can-handle-everything-' duties, I was being considerate enough to not bug her on that day. She texted me to let me know, 'Mon cn take'.

Monday arrived, I texted her back, 'What time should I come?' but she didn't reply me. I had been bugging her ever since but to no avail. Thank God she didn't cancel my calls or I would have burned down her shop instantly. You tell me lah, where got boss so reluctant to pay her employee wan. And trust me, it's not that I have a face problem or whatever cos she does that to ALL her workers there as in, dragging the time to pay them.

On Wednesday, my Mom and I decided to give her a 'surprise' by dropping by without notifying her. As predictable as it is, she told me that my cheque isn't ready. So I was like 'Okay.' She told me to come back the next day and it should be ready after lunch. Then Mom and I left the place while Mom was still nagging at me for not being stern enough when I'm asking for my money. Wahlaueh, I don't get paid some more get scolded by Mom.

The next day, I was bugging her again but then she gave all sorts of lame ass excuses and told me she would call back when she's done. Then when she finally called, I was like 'yay-ing' in my heart secretly but all she wanted to ask was where I stored the foreign worker's salary data. I obediently told her where thinking she would ask me to come after that but she did not. What the heck right.

So today, Friday the 13th, I realized that I can't keep letting her drag the time like this. Clearly, she thinks I'm an idiot. So, I kept bugging her like an irritating fly buzzing around her ears although I still can't beat her in that. Finally, she said 'Okay, can come take.'

With that line, I was convinced I was gonna be able to take it as soon as I reached there. But NOOOOOO, when dad fetched me there, she still hasn't prepared the cheque. Dad was waiting in the car earlier so when the fat boss (FB) kept delaying (eg.asking me why didn't I file this and that in), Dad got impatient, got down from the car and asked what's taking so long.
He went like, 'This is too much, like begging for money only. She should have prepared it earlier before you came here..' My Dad then barged into her office and asked her 'Excuse me, are you writing the cheque now?' to which the FB nodded when in actual fact she was still calculating.

After waiting for a long time, I got up my seat and decided I could wait no more so I just walked into the room and became thick skinned while I stood in front of her so she'll write it quickly. But as I stood there, I realised the sum she wrote for me was lesser than what I've calculated earlier.

So I was fuming on the inside then she explained that because there were occassions when I left work at 5pm when I was supposed to leave at 6pm so my pay is deducted. So fine, I admit I was wrong at assuming she would pay me in full for the days which I left 1 hour earlier cos she did the same for the previous months. This time, however, she was extra calculative about every cent.

To cut the long story short, she definitely underpaid me and I actually let her get away with it! It was short of forty bucks wei! Even if it was short of ten cents, I would still get pissed. Grr! My Dad was saying to her face, 'Nevermind lah, give her only' and he was bombarding her continuously but I can't remember what else he said cos he was super pissed waiting there for so long already. (Can you imagine it? My Dad who usually speaks kindly towards strangers and he who persuaded me to take up this job is actually pissed on my behalf. This clearly shows how bad the FB's attitude is) He said the FB turned red in embarrassment after that. Unfortunately, I didn't see it cos my back was facing her while I was busy fidgeting with the calculator, filled with disbelief because I let her cheat me like that. She also brought up the rude side in me because I just stormed out the room without uttering a word upon collecting my cheque.

Rawr! So dear readers of mine, do not ever patronise this spoiler shop at USJ19 because I can tell you that this FB is a con lady. I've seen her getting scolded from customers because she failed to complete their cars on time as promised, simply raising up the price on the day the customer is supposed to settle his balance when the price was already negotiated between the two parties previously.

In conclusion, SHE IS A CON LADY!

-I cannot believe how much I actually wrote about the FB. This is a very cheong hei post but the best way to vent out my anger. Grr. Done.-

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I hate cats.

Speaking about cats makes me pissed. Last night I was disturbed by the noises of horny cats. Couldn't sleep in peace until their mating process were finished. Like seriously, get a 'room'. Heh.

So anyway, there isn't much to talk about Japan anymore lah. I'll just post pictures here cos I'm really lazy to elaborate. Hahah, and if you realized, you can't see my face in most of the pictures. That's because I had to be very 'bald' for both of the competition days. What I mean is hair being tied up and pulled back like crazy=fugly. Dah lah I don't have much hair. Sigh. I need Yun Nam Hair Care.

The competition mat when it was still very early in the morning.
We had Japanese Mos burgers for lunch and it was FOC, subsidized by the Federal of Japanese Cheerleading Association (FJCA).
Cosplay peeps in Cosplay costumes.
Free hugs? Who wants a free hug? Not me for sure, cos they kinda scare me.
A glimpse of the night streets in Japan. Human traffic jam man! Those people were crossing the road from all sorts of angles.

Dinner at Sushi Kaiten. Very orgasmic! =)
Bizarre fashion which can only be found nowhere else but here.

More salmon, I like!

Yeah, I know this entry is very boring, very much like what I'm feeling right now.

If I missed out anything, ask me personally. Actually I do know what I missed out and I did it on purpose, hahah.

Ohh, and feel free to ask me out cos I'm officially very free these days. TQ. =)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Konnichiwa Japan!

Okay, I know you all have been dying to know about my trip! Heheh.

So here's an update. I'm gonna blog this entry in my China trip style, eg. Day One, Two, Three because I've got a truck load of pictures and I have Picasa-fied them pics to make my life a whole lot easier. :)

If you all hadn't already noticed in the earlier post, my parents were drivers of the day because they 'escorted' 5 of us to the airport. We left home around 3something pm and had a slight problem fitting all the luggages in the boot. (I definitely over-packed, whoops)

From left to right: ChengChoo, Sebastian, Me, SiewWai, JunKang

Reached the airport, went through all the neccessary processes like checking in our luggages and making sure we get good seats.
Hahah. StephT is posing for the camera in the background.

Waiting/killing time at the boarding area.
The smiles explains the excitement in everyone..well, except Charm Man who is erm, pretending to be asleep.

Landed in Singapore after 45minutes or so on the airplane.
Jakun-ed at the super clean toilet for awhile. By that, I actually meant emptying my bladder lah.
Because we had 3 hours of free time in the airport, everyone splitted up to do whatever they wanted. Most of us walked around the shops to keh-poh, tried the free Bak Kua samples and had dinner at BK's. We were so sick of burgers after that man.
Three hours later we boarded the plane.

Wah!! Got mirror some more! Can check whether got any food stuck in between my teeth or not. Heheh. Trust me, the mirror is very useful for vainpots like me.

We had an option to choose between the Japanese meal or the International meal. I opted for the Japanese one and it turned out like the picture above. Grilled Mackerel fish with omelette. I did not fancy it that much.

Approximately 6 hours-7hours and one Definitely, Maybe movie later, we finally landed! The weather was chilly like Genting Highlands, me likey! As soon as we landed, everyone made their way to the phone booth to call home and expressed their 'I'm Safe' lines. Well, almost everyone except me. Hahah.
The girl in the fourth picture with the tag hanging around her neck is our liaison officer who is really pretty because she has such big eyes. Her name is Nao, and she's so sweet when she talks :)unlike most Japanese who talks quite roughly. Let's just say we didn't really set a good first impression to her because we were too tired when we were greeted by her in the airport. Hahah.

Got onto the bus and headed straight to where we will call 'home' for the next 3 nights. The journey took us about an hour? (not sure cos I fell asleep) As far as I remembered, it was pretty far.

This is our 'home' called the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center or NYC for short.
That place is very huge and we were placed in Building D where we shared the same building as the other international teams.
The view from my room.

The bathroom looks like this.

We are supposed to all share the same shower room so if you're really open-minded you can get in there butt naked and have an all-girls shower party or something. Obviously, our minds were not that opened so we rather wait for our turns to shower. However, this wasn't the same case for the Chinese Taipei boys. I heard they all bathed together and one of my friend was even invited to join in their 'party' . Heheh.

Picture 1 and 2 shows the lounging area whereas Picture 3 and 4 captures my extremly small but comfortable bedroom. Everybody had a room to themselves but two of my friends got scared so they shared this extremely small room and left the other vacant for the whole 3 nights! Haha. I wanted to do the same because I thought I would get scared too but in the end I was too tired to even get scared so I just plonked myself onto the bed at night.

After settling down and leaving our luggages in our respective rooms, we headed downstairs to take a short stroll to the cafeteria for lunch.

We had to insert our money into that machine to get our lunch ticket and then choose whatever we wanted to eat ranging from beef rice to udon noodles. Lunch was about 550yen=RM17.

After eating, we went back to our rooms to just chill and unpacked some more and killed more time until it was time for us to get to the Yoyogi Gymnasium Stadium for our rehearsal. Unfortunately, I was told we were gonna walk there. Worse still, the walk would take up to half an hour. OMG.

These Japanese puts cleanliness at the top of their priority list. Upon reaching the stadium, we were instructed to change to our cheer shoes which should only be worn indoors.

After the rehearsal, we were to change back to our outdoor shoes. Lol.

Soon after that, we walked the streets of Japan (hahah, I'm a noob in remembering the name of the streets). Okay, if I'm not mistaken I think it's Harajuku Street. Anyway, we went there to look for dinner.

Someone suggested we go our own ways to find whatever we wanted to eat but then everybody was so united they decided on Ramen noodles in the end. Haha.

The restaurant was a cosy, little restaurant where the whole floor were taken up by us cheerleaders and I'm glad about that because the first picture shows us toasting and yelling 'Charmmmmm Seng'. Besides that, they also purposely slurped their noodles up loudly. Thank God there were nobody else watching apart from the waiters. Heheh. Oh by the way, my noodles cost me 750yen which is equivalent to RM 23.

Later, we walked some more to just look around at those little interesting shops which will make you go 'ooohh, aaahhh'.

I know I went 'yerrr' when we stopped by this shop. Please note that I only say 'yerrr' when I see cute stuffs/disgusting things. I'm that weird. Haha.

I handphones! Lots of 'em. Colourful handphones. And they're so cheap! Like around RM60 only. Some say it's disposable. I don't know about that. All I know is that we cannot buy it back :(

We then decided we could walk no more because it's just insane if we were to walk all the way back. So, we took the smarter option to take a train back! Why didn't we think about that earlier, right? Hmph. The train ticket cost us 230yen which is about RM7 and it only takes about two stops to get back to NYC. In comparison, we can take the KTM to KL Sentral for only RM1.60 here. Everything over there is so overpriced.

That's Nao teaching SiewWai the noob. Hahah. Nolah, all of us were noobs because it was all written in Japanese.

So, that wraps up Day One in Japan. FYI, Japan is one hour ahead of us. I remember going to bed at 10pm Japan time that night which makes it 9pm Malaysian time! Omg. The last time I went to bed at 9pm was way back when I was in Standard 1.