Friday, January 26, 2007

Lazy blogger.

I am so lazy.
Actually, it's not that I'm THAT lazy to blog. It's just that I haven't got anything blog worthy to blog. Hehe..Not that everything I type makes sense though..
Well..In request of Soh Shan Yong [See?I mentioned your name!(Not like anybody knows you also..Hahahaa..)]for a new blog entry and to prove to him that I am NOT lazy, I shall grant him his wish!
He said to blog about what I did today, what I ate, what's the shape of my poop and my bathing procedure.
The questions sound boring eh? But since I have nothing to say, I'll just answer anyway.
What I did: Woke up at 6.25am to get ready for school. [I <3 school so much! If you believed that you better go wash your brain]..Came back before 1pm.
What I ate: Had ONE sausage for breakfast, nasi lemak & Oreo's [Not together of course!] for recess and noodles for lunch.
What's the shape of my poop: Hahahaa...I'd like to say they're small, roundish poop. But everybodys poop's the same la! LONG and er poop-like. Healthy shit okay.
Bathing procedure: You want me to describe in a sexy way or what? Hahaha..better not...Um, okay chin-chai way. Take off clothes, on the shower, apply soap and wash it off. [This is meant for those who doesn't know how to shower, thus asking a question like this]

By the way, I've no idea why I'm talking to SSY cos a couple of days ago he made me pissed due to his rudeness. I know he was joking, but still I can't stand rude people. Which eventually reminds me of SOMEBODY else. No use ranting about this here..

All I can say is, certain things [by things, I actually mean a human] may look really nice on the outside but if their inside stinks then it's really a big turn off!

Yeah, so here's the entry tribute to SSY. Not like he's dead la.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I've got someone stalking my blog.
Guess who?
CHANG WERN SERN! (If you don't know him, well, erm, just call him a rempit. He likes it. Who wanna get introduced to a rempit contact me k.)
Hahahaha..Okay fine, maybe he doesn't stalk, but he admitted he likeS reading it. Whee. I get such great satisfaction when somebody tells me they like my blog. I feel so LOVED and APPRECIATED. It's like I can already imagine myself having this huge fan base. Lol. Kiddin'.

Anyways, I realized how my mood can change so easily. But I seriously don't think you call that moodswings, right? Cos moodswings are only when you're moody. I think. For instance, I was feeling really reluctant today to go for the cheerleading evaluation. My tummy was giving me a hard time, had a slight headache..Still, I had to go for it. Cos it was compulsory. I was such a nervous wreck. Oh, and I can never be calm when it comes to stuffs like this. Like my hands starts to shake and stuff. It's kinda embarrassing, really. Let me correct that, VERY embarrassing. I don't blame myself though. Cos I know it runs in the family. Dad's like that too. Haha. =)

The evaluation was held at PJ cos we had to accommodate the cheerleaders from the PJ area since they have been coming to Subang frequently last month. CW judged all of us alphabetically in order, backwards. That means it started from Z-A. To cut the long story short, everything went on smoothly, better than I expected. At least I didn't pass out. Hehe..
Practices have also been changed to twice a week, making it thrice including gym classes.

2 days ago (Wed), Karine & I had trouble getting to PJ cos of transportation problem. So, in the end I drove to her house, we took a bus, then a cab, followed by Jon being our driver for the day. =) The reason why I didn't drive all the way to PJ was cos the lack of trust from my mum. And also cos I didn't know the way. Yeah, I'm a noob when it comes to directions.
After the practice and our mamak session ended, Jon drove us back to Karine's house.
When he finally stopped in front of her house, I was like OMG how am I gonna go out.. It was merely impossible to move out from that spot. Also, knowing that the car I'm driving has NO power steering adds more difficulty for this weakling [ME] to get out. =(

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See what I mean? So I started panicking cos dad was calling to ask where was I and I kept replying 'soon, soon' cos I still have school the next day (Yes, I'm still a schoolgirl. HAHA. *rolls eyes*) Then Karine went in to call her mom to move her car a bit to give me ample space to get out from there. Jeremy on the other hand was guiding me at the back so my car's butt won't kiss the other car. When SUDDENLY, this Jeremy didn't tell me that I sort of went over his foot while reversing. Or something like that. Then Jon came to the rescue and reversed and move forward repeatedly till the car was out. Please don't look at me in a different way. I AM still a very safe driver.

As quoted by CWS or SSY (I forgot who)- 'Florence's driving is like a roller-coaster ride.'

Two words for you. Yeah right. =)

P/S: Tell me you're impressed with my drawing. It's so hot. Like totally. Lol. And I like to draw my car bigger even though I am just driving a Kancil baby. Muahahaa..

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Am feeling contented at the mo. =)
Hopefully it'll stay this way.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

what the..

Getting screwed over someone else's impunctuality pisses me off so badly! Grr.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 will be an 'awesome' year.

Yeah right. With the STPM coming up at the end of the year, how awesome can it actually be?
I still remember how I used to fuss and fret over this matter with my parents about entering Form Six. Amazingly, I have already gone through half a year being a Form Six student and will have another torturous year ahead of me.
Okay, this really isn't helping. I should really start thinking positive and telling myself how much I love going back to high school, lining up during assembly before we head back to our classes, and seeing my beloved teachers faces, not forgetting being yelled at when we are lazy and noisy.
Ugh. I have to give up cheerleading because of studies. No more staying up late at night to go online. Can it get any worse?!
Anyways, forget what I just said above.
My New Year resolution? Hmm..I shall start being 'kiasu' this whole year and compete with myself to achieve the grades I want. Hopefully.
Let's see if I can really keep what I said. =)
Ooh, and how I love the goosebumps I always get on the first day of school. It feels like going back to Standard One all over again. Rightttt.
I'll just pray all goes well tomorrow.
Dear Lord, please don't let anything embarrassing happen to me knowing how clumsy I can get. Thank You. Amen. =)