Monday, September 28, 2009

Modelle Beauty 50.

Hey all :)

I guess the title probably caught your attention huh? Okay, let me just introduce you to what Modelle is all about before I continue further. Modelle basically means model in French and it is a magazine which primarily focuses on fashion and lifestyle. Apart from that, a modelling competition called Beauty 50 will be ongoing at the same time. Yeap, it's all happening in print which also mean that this competition is not your typical reality series or whatsoever.

So what exactly is the purpose of this competition?

"Created with 2 aims in mind - to pave way for fresh and undiscovered next door beauties to become Malaysia's next top models and also give to commercial faces a run off their money in modelling industry, this contest will see 50 inexperienced girls transformed from mere and unnoticed girl-next-door into glamorous future faces of fashion."

Here's the hilarious part. Are you ready for it?

Yes, you've probably guessed it. Yours truly is one of the 50 girls. I'm giving you 30 seconds to laugh all you want.

Okay, you may stop laughing now.

No, seriously. Stop.

I know right? It's so unbelievable. Who would have thought that I would get myself into this? It was all such a spontaneous thing. I came across this page and then I just submitted my entry right there and then. That very day itself, Sabrina called me up to ask me to go for a short interview (but I ended up fixing an appointment on the next day because I was actually sleeping when she called me HAHAHA) and it all started from there.

Anyway, I already went for my first ever photoshoot sometime during August and my theme was Greeco-Roman. The location was at Gua Damai (a spot catered for rock climbers), Batu Caves. The shoot took the entire day. When I say the entire day, I actually mean from sunrise to sunset! Most of the time taken was waiting for the other girls to finish their shoot.

Wanna see the pictures on set? I didn't bring my own camera that day so I am gonna steal some pictures from the other girls' FB and post it here. Hehehe. *Thanks girls!*
The location which required us to climb up those stairs. Climbing up the stairs itself was already a challenge. LOL.I think you can pretty much see how steep it is from this angle.

Me getting my makeup done.

Grace and I.
The hairstylist fixing Vivien's hair.

This is Sabrina. The one who totally took care of us the entire time. :)
Group picture. From left: Nurul, Vivien, Grace, Mun Yee, Me.

We were the first batch for the shoot on the first day for the whole of Beauty 50. Geddit? Hehe.
On the way home after an exhausting day.

Despite the long wait, it was an extremely great experience (and hopefully more to come!). I'm crossing my fingers that the pictures will turn out good.
*Turns on shameless mode* The magazine's inaugural issue is set to launch on the first week of October so get your copies and please vote for me! :)

Why do you think I need to blog about this if it's not a voting-based competition? This competition will be ongoing for about six months and each month a bunch of girls will get eliminated until someone wins the title of Modelle's People Choice Model.

My stay in this competition depends on you all! :) *Turns off shameless mode*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya at Cameron Highlands.

Like I mentioned before, the family and relatives spent our Raya holidays at Cameron Highlands. Sounds like a relaxing trip, eh?

Wrong. The whole journey to Camerons was completely disrupted by a massive jam. It's like everyone was headed to Camerons as well.

True enough, when we reached there, the traffic jam didn't end. I didn't know Cameron Highlands was such a hit among the locals.

I think the traffic jam helped me to sit back and pay attention to the greenery of Camerons even more. I was truly enjoying God's awesome creations.

However, don't get me started on the hotel/apartment we stayed in for the two nights we were there. I don't know who fed me with the information that the place we were gonna stay in was a 4-stars hotel. 4-stars?! Are you kidding me?
Look at the number of thumbs down and you will understand what is it like inside there.

Hot water which only runs for less than 10 minutes and cracked toilet seats are among the things we faced during our stay. If it's the one thing I cannot stand about hotels, it is the cleanliness of the toilet! I will not complain if you provide me a hard pillow. But the toilet is very very important to me! Showering with cold water in the cold weather is not my idea of a nice shower. *Brrrr*

Do NOT stay there if you were to visit Cameron Highlands. It's called Star Regency. (Note the word Star. Meaning they only have ONE star at the most. Hehe)
Look at the amount of cars. A bee line was surely to appear wherever we went.

Look! Conjoined flowers!

Strawberry in many forms of food!

The food was absolutely delicious especially the yoghurt with fresh strawberries and honey. =)

Hello Mark! I see your cheeky tongue. =p

Strawberry potong which costs RM 1.
Adrian trying really hard to open a durian. Haha.
Some really sweet tasting melon (not sure if it was some sort of honeydew) which costs RM 5 per fruit.

Daddy and I.

Fooling around with the pole. =p

Even the flower at any random playground in Camerons is much nicer than here.

Us at the tea plantation area.

Fact of the day: Did you know that Florence is an absolute lousy traveller especially on winding roads? I was on the verge of puking on the way downhill. Thank God I managed to keep myself composed after taking in many deep breaths when Daddy made an "emergency" stop at the side of the road. Hehehe. So in the end, I did not throw up! Yay me!! Woohoo.

PS. Credits to Ms Tan Sue Vern for the DSLR photos. The clear ones are taken by her and the rest are taken by the lousy camera. Easy to distinguish right? =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

K-Session with Churchmates

Had a karaoke session with the churchmates during the Raya holidays. It was good fun. Unfortunately, the food sucked. *Bleagh* RedBox should really do something about this. Since when do their customers ever enjoy being served cold food? Haven't they gotten any complaints about this issue before?

As you can see, the room is a bit too big for just 7 people. No complaints about that though.

Hope we'll do this again soon. *nudgeMeiJean* Hehehe..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all who are celebrating!

I will be heading to Cameron Highlands for a family trip tomorrow. It's time to provide fresh air for my lungs and fresh vegetables for my tummy! Sounds healthy to me :)

I hate packing! Arghhhh.

Okay goodnight! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disgusting + Rewarding

Have you ever encountered both of that at one go before?

I did. Last night, precisely. During a farewell dinner we threw for Jasmine who's leaving to UK tomorrow morning.

Jasmine wanted to have a Chinese meal since she can foresee that she won't be having any good Chinese food for a whole year while she's there. :) So, Chinese dinner it was and off we headed to an area called Aman Suria..I think. (Right girls?)

She happily ordered the food. We happily chatted while waiting for the food to arrive.

A couple of minutes later, the dishes were brought onto the table one by one.

"Makan!", we greeted each other before eating. So, as we were enjoying the food, we chatted at the same time. I think this is a bad habit in us which we all cannot deny. Multi-taskers right, what to do? :p

Then all of a sudden, Jasmine's younger sister, Kimberly, said out aloud, "Jie, what is this?" while pointing to something foreign on her spoon innocently. So adorable.

Next thing you know, the whole table consisting of 5 girls started 'Eeeeeewing' even louder. It was a freakin fingernail. (We assumed it was a fingernail and hopefully not a toenail!) She found it inside the vegetable dish. The rest of them were pretty grossed out at it but surprisingly I wasn't that disgusted compared to them. Probably because I didn't get a good view of the nail. No thanks.

Amanda, being the daring one that she is, (also cos she could speak in Mandarin) called for the boss and asked "So how now?!" in a tone that equaled to "This better be a free dish".

The boss then said "Okay okay, mian fei." in a way which sounded like everything we ordered was on the house.

We were confused at first but then continued our talk over a refilled pot of Chinese tea. After we were done and wanted to leave, our confusion came back so this time Jasmine asked if we needed to pay anything and the boss just said "No need" in a very weird facial expression I cannot quite read. It showed reluctance + a constipated smile. Hahaha.

We left the restaurant happily after chowing down crabs, chicken, mantis prawns, and 'the vegetable' which earned us a free meal. :)

I was like, 'Aiya, should have ordered more crabs if we knew about this earlier.' Then someone said, 'You still dare to eat ah after seeing that nail?'

Also, Jasmine started to make us worry by saying, 'Eh what if they spat into the Chinese tea just now?' Hahahaha.

Amanda was the funniest. She didn't even eat the vegetable at all but she was the one who complained the most and she went, 'If it was my mother, a free meal would not be enough k!' LOL.

I would have to admit that this is one heck of a memorable dinner which we can continue to laugh about for the next few years when we walk down memory lane together. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's good?

Alright. I have a confession to make.

It wouldn't take a genius to find out that this blog is losing it's content and regular updates. (Okay, it's not like I update frequently but at least I've never been away for this long.)

Thing is, I've came to realize that my although my blog does not get millions of views, it does get read by people whom I do not know actually reads my blog until they tell me, 'Oh, I read your blog the other day...'

That line, made me realize how much I need to watch my words and what I type so as not to hurt other people's feelings or them being judgmental towards me.

Many times, people are quick to judge about what you write, although you mean it in another way. I am definitely not one person who can express myself freely through words. I write, then I delete, write, delete. (Or in this case, type) Process repeats itself several times till I am finally satisfied about what I want to say. (Or most times, best if I don't say anything at all, thus lack of updates. They say 'ignorance is bliss' =p) The feeling of holding back is just so frustrating you'll just go, 'Oh, why bother?'

Trust me, if I have a private journal about what I can say freely, I don't think I will ever encounter the writer's block. Unfortunately, even that didn't work. I tried writing a diary once when I was 12 and guess what? My sisters dug it out several years later, read it and laughed at me.

I feel like the safest place my real thoughts can be kept is deep down inside me. I feel like I am transforming into an introvert, where I can only understand myself. I am not sure if this is a transformation I want but I know that it is time to evaluate my surroundings. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether I should remain comfortably in this position or take a step and move forward.

I guess this is a phase in my life where I am trying to discover myself and seeing which direction I am heading. You may not and most probably would not understand this whole thing, so please, stop trying to break the code and do your own interpretation.

I can also bet that what you're thinking right now is, 'Wah, why so emotional?'

See what I mean about being quick to judge? :)

Okay, I hope this is a good enough reason for my hiatus from blogging. Fine, partially that and also the laziness. Hehe.