Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm just so freakin annoyed now.
Everything just went wrong towards the very last minute. So I had to make multiple calls to get everything back in order. Hopefully it'll all flow smoothly again.
I was talking about the pre-event CHARM's having. You just won't understand the frustration getting bugged/nagged/scolded and making sure everything goes in order. Was even called stupid for taking up this 'responsibility'. Won't name names but GRR!
Almost exploded just now.
Credit was running low due to all the bugging I had to make. Reloaded twice with my own allowance! Argh!
But suddenly some sms beeped. Saying 'Yr reload of RM10.oo is successful.' Huh? I was blank when I read that. Must be from an angel sent from heaven above. Hahahaha..I mean seriously, this is like the THIRD time I've had free reloads. Uber cool. How many of you actually get free reloads without knowing who sent it to you? Must be some accidental top up. Hehe.. I'm not complaining nor am I bragging. It's just that this sms really came in at the right time. At least it chilled my temper.

Gotta rest my head from the headaches I'm getting.

Oh, and make sure you drop by Cineleisure this Fri, Sat & Sun! A lot of hard work have been poured upon to make this happen! =)

Edit: Okay, not so weird after all. Got another sms. It's from Kelvin. He said he topped up for me cos I need that for emergency calls. But I swear the previous two I received before was accidental. Hehe..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lou Sang

Based on what I've read at a couple of blogs saying that the CNY mood is not really there, I'd have to say that I kinda agree with them.

Reasons I've came up with on what made CNY a not so joyous celebration as time passes by:
1. We've all grown up from all those childishness like playing pop-pops and those sparklers. Yeah, I played those pop-pops with my niece on the eve of CNY and found no fun playing it at all except for watching her laugh and enjoying herself.
2. Some of our relatives have drifted apart [eg. the ones who went over to NZ to study...I miss you guys!]..Not counting the ones who goes up to Genting annually and foregoing the chance to meet up with important ppl like me! Hehehe..My cousins should know who I'm referring to..Shh.
3. The government has banned fireworks which results to a quieter festive time. When I say quieter, it's like 10times quieter than usual. Where are all the boom-boom sounds like we used to hear every minute?
4. I don't go visiting that many houses anymore. Thus, lesser ang pows.
5. People are getting more 'kedekut'. Thus, smaller ang pows.

Whichever reasons they may be in your case [Which in my case is ALL of the above], I'm just hoping CNY won't stay like this in years to come.

Looking at the brighter side, I definitely still enjoy the holidays we're given. And the tidbits for you to munch on every millisecond. And reunion dinners with scrumptious traditional Chinese servings. And reasons to buy new clothes.

Okay, maybe CNY isn't THAT bad after all, right? =)

See? Get to lou sang some more! How often do you mix up your food without feeling disgusted since it's supposed to be eaten this way..?
Happy Chinese New Year to all readers!

=p Like as if I got plenty of readers. Syok sendiri.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kids nowadays.

Walked the whole of Pyramid today. Spent like about 8 hours plus there and ended up buying only ONE dress. Cos the prices were either all too pricey or I didn't like the style. Parking ticket costed me 5bucks!
Something funny happened while I was lookin at the clothes.
A lil boy, prolly about 7-8 years old was standing near a mannequin. At first I didn't really notice him until FH called me to look at him. And then I looked closely at what he did.
He lifted up the mannequin's dress and was fondling with the *ahem* part, like poking here and there. Okay fine I thought, maybe he's just playing NOT in a dirty way since he's still so young. BUT! His hand then moved up to the boobies and he grabbed it with both his hands and started squeezing it!! LOL! That got me and FH laughing hysterically cos it was a damn uncommon thing to see. Shocking.
Where on earth did he learn that from man!?
He's a freakin perverted young kid, enough said.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

V-day's finally over.

Yup. And now that that day is over, I can actually look forward to CNY!
Show me the monay, monay...Muahahaha...
To those who are 'opening' their houses, don't forget to invite me as well yeah! Heheh.
Gotta run now..Buhbye.

Edit: Went to Summit just now with my mom to see if can get any new clothes. Actually I suggested that we go to Pyramid at the first place, but she insisted that we go to Summit since it's nearer. So fine, I gave in. But then turn out I didn't get anything cos urgh! The clothes were super lala! Like ultimate lala-ness! Yuck.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Malaysia Boleh

Yeahhh! Joe Jer & Zab won the race! I knew they could do it! I had my faith in them from the very start of the race..I'm so happy I felt like I was the one who won instead. Tears of joy started pouring down my cheeks uncontrollably as soon as their foot landed on the pit-stop's mat..Hehehe...*squeals in delight* I can't believe the winner is an all-female team..! So, never underestimate us girls..girl power..!!HAAHAHA..!!!

There you have it, Nat..I was imitating you..bimbo. Since you want me to write something about you so badly.Lol. [Even though I know your actual fave team is Andrew&Syeon and I'm so happy they didn't win it..haha..]

On another note, it's that time of the month year again. Nope, not my period or whatsoever. Yeah lar, Valentines Day. Where couples get all SUPER lovey-dovey and singles just hide at the corner and beat their chest in loneliness/anger/depression wondering why-oh-why are they single ONLY at this time of the month year. Pathetic innit?

Ahhh..whatever. Just letting out my frustration. Cos my friend said that I'll have a list of guys waiting for me [eg. have to make appointment to date me] when in actual fact there are actually NONE. HAHAHA. Biggest joke of the century. Pfft.

I'm not feeling sad or anything la. Just alone.

Cheers. Happy Early Valentine's Nat! Here's to you!! LOL.

I know you like this pic. Hehehe..=)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hoho. Alright kids, today I'm gonna tell you all about a joke which I read somewhere sometime ago.
The story goes something like this:

There was this man who entered a slimming centre one fine day.
So the fella at the counter smiled and asked, 'Hi Sir! How may I help you?'
Man said: Um, can you explain to me what sort of packages you offer?
Fella: Well, we have the normal and the extreme package.

The man thought to himself and finally chose the normal package since it's his first time there and he wouldn't know what to expect so he decided to take things easy first..

Fella said: Very well Sir, please enter that room at the corner.

So the man walked over and as he entered the room, he saw a hawt, naked lady inside.
The lady then said, 'If you can catch me then you can do whatever you want to me.'

Obviously the man was drooling and by now he was getting all psyched up so he gathered all his energy and chased the lady round the room.

After chasing her for what seemed like eternity, he realized that 'wow this really works and he lost a total of 5kg!'...So worth it!

So the next day he returned again and was more than curious to know what was in the extreme package. Without hesitating, he then told the fella at the counter that he wanted the extreme one and was directed into another room...

As he entered the room, he was shocked!

Because...standing in front of him was a fat, naked man...

And this time the fat man spoke and said, 'This time it's my turn to chase you! You better run or else I'll do you!'

HAHAHHAHA geddit?! Even if you don't, just laugh la k! I had to translate it into English okay cos I read it in BM. Lol.

P/S: Seems like you all like reading about the poop! =)
Oh, and Happy Thaipusam!