Monday, May 31, 2010

Charm Cheerleading Championships 2010.

It's over! Finally.

All the planning and meetings we had to attend to organise this competition. It is over. Just in a blink of an eye. We added a new category this year, the South East Asia Full Routine Elite category which Team Malaysia and Team Thailand participated in. The other neighbouring countries did not participate due to unforeseen circumstances.

We had a great panel of judges who came from all over SEA as well as Jessica Colombo who came all the way from the States!

Yours truly participated in three divisions: Cheer Dance Malaysia, Cheer Dance International (under Team Awesome) and South East Asia Full Routine (under Team Malaysia). Won gold, bronze, and gold respectively. Whee!!! I love my team mates! After all the vigorous trainings we had to endure, it is definitely worth it when we found out that we won. We were literally jumping up and down with joy!! I have to admit that it was not an easy fight as Team Thailand was really good.

Champion faces! :)

I heart Team Awesome!

Stunting with Rainbows!
Us with the friendly judges!

Next up, work. Starting work tomorrow and it feels like going to school on the first day. Waking up early in the morning and getting nervous at the same time.
God bless me.
Edit: Work was not as bad as I thought. In fact, colleagues are all really nice :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My mood just got ruined...

by myself.

Yep. You read right. I just ruined my own mood. I am now feeling depressed.

I am so frustrated at myself. My new cheer attire arrived yesterday, we wore it to practise so I decided to wash it later that night.

This morning, my mum called me up telling me the attire is stained. This is a perfect example when my mind instantly when 'SHITTTTTTT' when I heard her say those words. It's brand NEW, I have NEVER worn it for a performance before and yes, I'll be wearing a stained attire to compete this weekend. My heart is aching :( *angry angry angry*

Argh!! Freakin' pissed at myself. Stupid attire. Why does the colour run so easily?! Then, the girls had to go back to the tailor to alter the skirt because of the tailor's fault on the measurement. They gave the most ridiculous reasons for their mistakes. They claimed the girls lost weight hence the wrong measurement. Stupid or what? All lost weight at the same time??! ARGH. Stupidity.

Please excuse me while I go bang my head on the wall. Bye.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How my parents really are.

Hi readers!

So if you have been following my blog and have read the previous post, you should know by now that I'm gonna start working soon next month. There is a little continuation from that post so if you haven't read it, I suggest you do. Heh.

Prior to the start of my internship, I will need to settle a few things as requested by the company so I decided to seek help from my parents! :p

The following will be the conversation between my parents and I through e-mail. This is me informing them about the offer letter from the company.

Hello, here's my offer letter from PwC I just received this morning.

Few things you should take note of:
1. I need ink in the printer to print out the documents.
2. I need formal office attire for the next three months. Time for shopping!
3. I need to open a Maybank bank account.
4. How do I confirm my acceptance? Just reply 'I accept' ar? Or must type some formal reply? Please help.

Thank you! Your daughter is finally going to work! Woohoo!!


A couple of hours later, my mum forwarded that e-mail to my dad's office e-mail because I sent it to his personal e-mail instead. This was what she wrote to him:

Yahooo, our daughter is finally going to work!!! Praise the Lord! Thought you might want to read this first from your office instead of going home to read later. She has listed down a couple of things for both of us to do b4 she starts work!

Hahah. The way my mum replied so cute la! She was so excited that she helped me pass down the instructions from me to my Dad. Whee. Then, this is how my Dad replied me after that..

Dear Florence,
I am glad you are learning to step into the adult working world. Before this you need to brush up on your tidiness and this includes your room. I suggest you start cleaning up your room immediately. Then to instil more discipline in yourself start by sweeping and mopping the house. And to build up more energy for this "demanding" job (according to your sister) begin by getting to bed by 11 pm everyday.By the way , you can place your order for your choice of breakfast with your loving mum every nite before you sleep but make sure a percentage of your allowance goes back to her for service charge.

As for the rest of your requirements , clothes - share with Fiona , printer ink - add water as I told you before , Maybank a/c - thats easy pay RM10 you will get one and for acceptance of letter , if you dont know how I pity your employer la !

Oh, if you're wondering why my Dad asked me to 'add water' to the printer ink, that's because I texted him few days back before this to let him know about the printer running out of ink and asked him how should I deal with it. And his reply was 'add water'.

That's my Dad trying to insult my intelligence! >:(

In this e-mail, my Dad also attempted to take advantage of me to be the 'kakak' in the house.

HAHAHA. My father is super lame. But quite funny lah. I was grinning to myself when I read the reply.

So yup, that's my parents.

PS. I just realised I've been using my parents as my blog content for the past two posts. Heh. Oh noo, does that mean to say that I find them really entertaining?? Haha.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A short testimony.

I am so happy and relieved right now I don't even know where to begin!

Okay, as you know, I've been searching for a company to do my internship and I didn't wanna just simply 'hentam' any company with my resume because we're supposed to come up with a report after we have completed our internship so obviously it must be a good company la right.

I asked for advice from my sister and parents about where to apply and after a lot of persuasion and encouragement from my older sister, I decided to apply to where she's working now, Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Besides that, I've been applying to firms which I think is really tough to get. Most did not reply and a couple rejected. (sucks to be rejected!)

Then, as an employee of that firm, she got an e-mail saying that all internship positions have been filled up so when she told me that piece of news, I was really disappointed because I got a call from them once to follow-up on my application.

This very morning I was at college for an internship briefing and the Head of our department sounded those who still haven't gotten any placement. To cut the long story short, I got an offer there! Hah, in your face. Woohoo. No more stressing about where to work. I was almost about to spam every existing company because I was so worried.

A big shout out to the Almighty One for He never fails :)