Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goriness to the maximum.

I just read this e-mail I received from FattyKit.

Frankly speaking, I would not bother forwarding e-mails to the entire world which pleads you to help this child who suffers from cancer, leukemia, etc just because AOL would donate 5cents into the fund of that child for each forwarded e-mail. Call me heartless or whatever, I just can't get myself to believe these kinda e-mails.

This time around, however, made me wanna do something about it. Or blog about it, at the least.
What is this e-mail about, you ask? It's a message PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] is trying to spread to people across the globe to go fur-free.

The title: A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms

Click only if you are ready to view it with an empty stomach and make sure you have a few tissue papers at your side. Oh, and did I mention it is so bad that I couldn't bear to watch the entire video?

For those who don't have the guts to view it, HAHAHA at your sissyness.

But fret not, for I shall enlighten you about the video. Okay, back to the topic. I still cannot forget the video I viewed moments ago. Seriously, these China people are so cruel. [And I think the term 'cruel' would be an understatement.]

I may not be that much of an animal lover but I definitely won't torture animals like that. I like dogs but am afraid of them, I hate cats and won't deny it. I would freak out each time a cat passes by me especially in mamak stalls where it will brush its tail against my legs when I didn't notice then I would shriek!

That aside, I am still very disgusted that such a thing is going on just for the sake of getting the fur. Ugh. I think you guys should be aware of it too, help to pass this message around, and obviously do not buy any fur products lah!

I am proud to say I do not own any fur clothings. Heheh.

If you're too lazy to click on the link or too *coughsissycough* to watch the video, here's basically what the inhumane humans in China do for a living.

"When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms recently, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut.
When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals' heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them. Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals' hearts are still beating five to 10 minutes after they are skinned. One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare into the camera.

Before they are skinned alive, animals are pulled from their cages and thrown to the ground; workers bludgeon them with metal rods or slam them on hard surfaces, causing broken bones and convulsions but not always immediate death. Animals watch helplessly as workers make their way down the row."

Poor animals I tell you. They are skinned ALIVE! Literally skinned alive, not those 'I-will-skin-you-alive-if-you-spill-my-secret' kinda nonsense. So don't misuse that line okay, hahah. I can cry buckets just by reading that. It's so depressing viewing the video lah. Oh gosh, I don't know why I'm very disturbed by the video.

Don't try to talk nonsense with me saying 'If you're so caring towards animals, go become a vegetarian lah fool!' Those are two different cases, so it can't be compared, and I like chicken. Heh.

Also, I will not go to the extreme like what Fattykit said 'I would rather go naked than wearing fur'. You know you always see in the newspapers where those chun babes would go nekkid by just wearing a manila cardboard hanging over their neck screaming 'STOP THE KILLING TO GET FUR' or Fattykit's line or whatever creative lines they can come up with? Yeah, I won't do that. At least wear some leaves to cover up lah haiyo.

Sigh, all this talk is making me so depressed. I shall move on to a happier topic. And what better way to make myself happy than to view my pretty pictures? Lol.

The disadvantages of being the tallest. You get cropped out of the pictures. Heheh.

Birthday boy looking handsome.

P.S The title of this post is obviously meant for the video, not because my face is gory lah okay.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oops! He did it again.

I thought he will never do it again. Looks like history repeated itself.


Stalker mentioned is none other than my father. He ah. And I'm not complaining about him reading my blog. But the problem is after he reads right, he will nag at me about how indecent I can type sometimes. [Hello papa are you reading this?]

So I wanna know what do you guys think. VOTE! VoteIs my blog indecent?

Absolutely not.
I got no comment.
It's just right. Perfecto.
Yeah, gimme gimme more...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now I know what's my position.

I was just surfing around the internet when I saw this ad:-

XXX is an established recruitment company. We open horizon of job opportunities for dynamic individuals in line with the growth of our customers, which ranges from small to international companies from diverse sectors and industries. If there is any secret of success that will be you! Hence, grab the urge to register with us for a rewarding career... Our services for you is free...
Temporary/Contract Positions (Data Entry/Admin/Customer Service)(PJ, KL, Damansara, Subang, Klang, Puchong, Kepong, Ipoh, Setiawan, Melaka, Kuantan)


Position Available: Data Entry, Admin Assistant/Clerk, Customer Service,Receptionist,Accounts Assistant/Clerk,Sales Coordinator,Logistic Assistant

Data Entry: Scanning document and key in numerical data into the system
Admin Assistant: General administrative duties,filing, handle calls, invoicing
Customer Service: Handle inbound,outbound calls and customers enquiry
Logistic Assistant: Liaise with shipping agency and handle shipping document
Accounts Assistant: Handle partial or fullset of accounts, familiar with accounting software will be an added advantage, training will be provided for fresh graduates
Sales Coordinator: Support sales staff for invoicing, prepare PO/DO, handle customer enquiry
Receptionist: Handle calls, customer enquiry
Believe it or not, my job scope ranges from all of the above, except for the logistic assistant part.
This XXX company is looking for at least 7 individuals to fill up the positions, (Yes, I do realize that this XXX company is a recruitment company but still...)whereas the place
I'm working at, albeit a small shop, has only 3 and a half staffs handling the responsibilities mentioned. Oh, and that 3 and a half includes the boss. The other half I talked about is a dude who is supposed to be the designer but he helps out with the work of the foreign workers as well.
In conclusion, I am a 6 in 1 (minus the logistic assistant) staff.

Friday, April 18, 2008

About: Nokia 3100

I cannot believe how fast works. And no, this is not an advertorial.

As of today, Friday 18th April 2008 at 12:45 am, I have already received 9 e-mails from people who showed interest in my handphone. It may not sound like a lot to you, but nine is considered a big number to me!
I mean, just look at my handphone! Who would be interested in buying this lah?

I posted this picture up which got those nine e-mails filling my inbox.

Okay lah, maybe I cheated a wee bit.
I typed this in the description column : Nokia 3100 still in good condition =)

FYI, my phone is obviously not in a good condition after abusing it for about 5 years now. My sister gave my phone a nickname, namely The Jaundice Phone, because the screen's light is that kinda yong sui off-white yellowish colour. I paid RM630 for this lau pek phone and I can't believe I was so dumb. Now the price has decreased like crazy so I'm very shocked there are actually humans who wanna buy this phone. The price I offered was RM100 and I still think the 'good condition' line was what made them interested. Hehe.

These are the e-mails which sent to me:
1. rm60 boleh??serius buyer -sham
2. Hi!I m quite interested wif ur nk3100.can i know wats the best $$ u can give it 2 me??Items comes wif wat??? -KRIS
3. Im interested with your handphone. Can you call me so that we can arrange a meeting?FYI, I live in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. -afif
4. helo.. is your hp still available? can still nego the price? is it come with charger? where is your location? do reply... thanx.. -fifi
5. sy berminat....harga boleh kurang lg tak?chargeade tak? -huda
6. Iam interested to buy your nokia 3100, please contact me or sms -abdul jalal
7. pls call me..i want buy handphone..tq -muru
8. free call hp ni..nk tnye ttg 3100 2 k -zack
9. hi..ur 3100 still availble??contact me a.s.a.p tq -edy

Hahah. See what I mean? I'm not making it up. So if any of the 9 people stated above accidentally stumble upon my blog, I wanna apologize for being such a pain in the butt because I've decided not to sell this phone away. As much as I keep complaining about this phone, there's still the sentimental value in it which is tugging me back from selling it off. Time to delete the ad before I bring more sufferings to people's butt. Hahah okay that was lame I need sleep=p

Although this will still not deter me from getting a spanking new handphone! Heheheh.
FYI, the HFM (Heal Florence's Misery) fund is still going on!
And the collection up to date is an amazing ZERO! However, you can be my HERO and turn yourself from zero to hero. Hohohahahehe.

I seriously need some sleep. G'nite readers!

P.S I've been updating quite constantly I should give myself a pat on the back. LOL. I'm on a roll mannnn. =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 spells

Hello again people! =)

Remember I once mentioned that I'm gonna do something about me earning money and not just sit around and complain about it? Well, guess what? I'm back to work at the same place again after much bugging from my boss to return to work. I gave in because I needed the moolah.

That's beyond the point though. I did something else more, um, beneficial!

I'm sure many of you by now have already heard of, right? Anyway, if you happen to be one of those 'frogs under the coconut shell', let me enlighten you. is a really cool site where you can buy and sell items around your region (they don't name it 'The marketplace of Malaysia' for nothing) ranging from cars, houses/shoplots for rent or sale, part-time/full-time jobs, tech-savvy gadgets, used parts & accessories etc. Do check the website out cos there are many other weird/funny services and items which are on sale. =)

To join in the fun, I've decided to sell off one of my most treasured item.

Guess what is it?????It is none other construction worker-like handphone.
(Hey, it's damn valuable okay! It's my first handphone!)

Now let me teach you the ABC's of selling off your item.

First of all, go to Then, select your region. After that, click on the 'Insert Ad' link to place your ad. Hahaha. As you can see, I've pasted a screenshot for you all to see. So whatever I typed is the same as what's in there.When you've finished placing your ad, you will have to verify the ad within 48 hours.
The best part about this website is that it's a free service!! *I see the kiasu ppl rejoicing. Ngekngek* No subscription fee or whatever nonsense like that. Just fill in some of your particulars and you're good to go!

It's just as simple as that! After completing those steps, just pray that someone will get attracted to your item/service. I'm not putting any hope in what I'm trying to sell though. Heheh.

This review is brought to you by and!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Fiona!

So it's your big day today. 14th April 2008.

Eventhough you really get on my nerves sometimes, (so much so that I sometimes question God why did he give me such a sibling) thus the nickname 'annoying', you know I still love you no matter how much we fight, yell and give nasty nicknames to each other. [You won't want me listing them down, it will never end]
Time and again, we never fail to patch things up after each fight. I think the longest silent treatment I've ever given you was only 1 week max, right? I guess this is what sisterly love actually means. *pukes* Hehe.

To prove my love to you, I've spent the whole afternoon compiling pictures to create a video clip using Windows Movie Maker (which I'll eventually post it up when I figure out how to do so cos it's just too nice) and you have to give me credit cos it's only my first time doing it. Therefore, I'm very proud of myself. Hahaha.
Besides that, I also had to skip cheer practice which I'm very sure caused my captain to be not very pleased about it. So you better start appreciating and treating me nicely because I know I'll get some sort of punishment when I get back to practice. See all the sacrifices I made for you!

Blessed 22nd Birthday! Muax! XOXO

Sunday, April 06, 2008

10 random statements of the day.

Since I'm like so free now, I might as well leave something here.

And since YOU are so free reading this, it's my pleasure to entertain you :)

10. I need to go on a holiday! Preferably a beachy one. Lol. I'm very interested in going to Sipadan, Sabah. Heard and saw pictures from websites that the place is gorgeous. It's definitely about time I take out my bikini camera and camwhore by the beach. I just loooooovve the feeling of the strong wind blowing through your hair and the sweet salty smelling, crystal clear sea water. Ahhh. Not to forget, walking under the stars at night by the seaside. Eventhough there isn't anyone to walk under the stars romantically with. Yet. :p

9. Does a point 5 mark make any difference? Today at gym, someone asked me how much I weighed. I asked that person to guess. That person said: xx kg? Me: No, it's xx.5!
I'm a point 5 kg heavier than what that person thought. Oh no!! That is def bad news. =((((

8. My boss asked me to go back to work tomorrow because 'got bil nt file. N take ur chq' . And I agreed. Sigh. If it wasn't for the 'take ur chq' line, I would have told her to go fly kite.

7. The 'tiny brinjal' decided to reappear again after the master stubbornly didn't allow it to rest but took it for granted.

6. A few church members, 3men to be exact, mentioned that they were gonna climb Mount Kinabalu sometime this month. I wanna go also! Not with them at the same time because it's too soon la, but it's one of those things I wanna do before I die! Conquer Mount Kinabalu. Hehe.

5. I am in need of more cash. I should do something about this and not just announce that I need more money. I will do something about this. I must do something about this. Sigh, I find myself so inspirational sometimes.

4. I cannot wait for the end of May to arrive. It's not BR's 31st la if you think you hit the jackpot. Somethin else. Which I'll come to blog about eventually :)

3. Is it possible to forgive someone so easily and pretend like 'that' incident has never happened?

2. I hate having garlic breath. No thanks to you, Fiona.

1. My grandfather's turning 80 years young this Saturday!!! Speaking of which, it reminded me of this conversation:-

Me: I need to get a dress for my grandfather's birthday.
Friend: Huh? What for?! Your grandfather is gonna wear a dress???
Me: No lar, I need to buy a new dress to look pretty on his big day ma.
Friend: What a useless granddaughter.

Hehe.. So what should I really get him? Ideas, anyone?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is so cute!


Not funny!!! >=(