Monday, August 24, 2009


Heard B.E.P's coming to town.

I wanna go! Anybody got tix *coughJazcough* don't forget me!

Obviously I don't have anything interesting to blog about seeing that my holidays are freaking long and I'm not allowed to go for a vacation since vacation = spending cash = a big NO from parents.

I cannot imagine myself complaining about my holidays being overly long but yeah, here I am ranting. Holidays too long at home = me doing and getting myself into random and unexpected stuffs. The random and unexpected thing turned out to be quite fun, but it shall remain a secret for now.

I'm quite certain when my semester begins, I will rant about not having holidays instead.

Why am I like this!

But given my situation, I'm sure all of you will react the same. So yea, I'd like to think of myself as normal. Heheh.

Okie, gotta scoot off. Ta!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay, as promised, here's the SSS (super syok sendiri) video. To the two person who voted No, you may kindly refrain yourself from clicking the 'Play' icon. :)

As for the rest of you, think properly before loading the video. I'm serious. I won't be responsible for any damages done to you. :)

Also, bear in mind I did this for fun so don't start becoming an A.I judge wannabe and throw your harsh comments on me.

K, that's all. Bye bye. :)
P.S To the rest who were at my birthday party, this is for you. Hahaha. Now you know what will happen if you all continue to insist on me singing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to vote.

Hi readers. :)

I did yet another video of myself singing. This time a solo.

Actually, it was because I feel kinda guilty for not performing that night at my party. But hey, the birthday girl ain't suppose to entertain the guests. Should be the other way round, no?

So, I just want your opinions if you all want to see it or not. Haha. I feel like it's super syok sendiri.

Two options.

Do you wanna watch a video of Florence singing?
Yes please.
Nooooo! Spare me from the torture! free polls

Monday, August 10, 2009

Malacca Pt.2

My first weekend on the month of August was quite an interesting one spent in Malacca.
'What? Malacca again?' I can already hear you people saying. Yes, again. If you can't remember, I went there not too long ago sometime around at the end of June. This time, however, was supposed to be with my dad's fellow colleagues. You know, like a family outing kinda thing so everybody tagged along including my grandfather.

We went to Cheras to pick my grandfather up and then had brunch somewhere nearby before we started the journey.

Upon reaching, first stop made was at this chicken rice ball shop. I was kinda sleepy that day because the night before was spent at my cell member's house eating and laughing while playing Monopoly.

Somehow, I didn't enjoy this meal as much because all I could think about was...

the cendol! :D

Curry Laksa.

Nyonya Asam Laksa! <3

I thought I was smarter this time for wearing a spaghetti top because the weather was crazy hot the last time we were walking around. But then when we went there that day, the weather was super nice. No sun, very cooling. After the filling lunch, we drove out of town and headed to A Famosa. The place where we had our dinner, at the clubhouse.

The dinner.

Okay, I have to admit the whole highlight of this trip was the Cowboy Town.
Wanna know why?

#1. Cos we were greeted by men on horses.

#2. Not only that, we were greeted by 'ah guas' dancing and singing to 'I Feel Good'.

#3. Oh, this reason is nothing much. They just decided to, you know, ... MAKE ME A PART OF THE SHOW! %#^@*!

So this was what happened. The moment they began the show, five fire-eating men came out and performed. Then, they went around looking for volunteers to 'help out' with the show.

One of them started walking towards our direction...and stopped in front of us. Both my sisters were seated in front of me so I was like thinking to myself..'Hahahahaah..yes..pick them pick them!'

But nooo. Suddenly that dude looked behind them and pointed directly at me asking me to go out. My parents started laughing while urging me to just follow his instructions.

Me getting myself into trouble.

So they gathered four volunteers altogether. The host then asked me where am I from. I was thinking to myself, 'Err, aren't we all from Malaysia?' So I just answered 'Selangor'. Then he said, 'Oh, Malaysia!'. The other three were from Syria, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

We were then asked to circle around the fire and I thought we were gonna perform some ritual. Instead, we had to imitate the Red Indians by doing some silly dance individually. My sister took a video of the entire humiliation but I don't think I'm gonna post it up because I'm too lazy to do so. Besides, all you can hear is them laughing like a maniac non-stop.

Trying to watch and learn.

Super scary okay! This is fire we're dealing with.

Woah. Look at that...tummy :p

Me giving him the 'What on earth do you want me to do now?!?!' look.

The next picture is the funniest. They asked me to open my mouth to eat the fire. Obviously I screamed NOOO right!

This picture looks so so wrong from every angle. HELPPPPP!


The elephant looked like it was on ecstacy pills or something because it was 'feng tau-ing'/headbanging the whole time. Hahah.

The place where we stayed overnight.

Next day, we chose to go to the Animal World Safari. I will let the pictures do the talking.

We had to ride in this vehicle to make sure the animals wont disturb or eat us.

Super tak layan lion. So arrogant.

Welcome to Fiona Monkey Island.

Me observing Fiona's the monkey's behaviour.

This girl is super adorable! She smiles at me every single time we bump into each other. So precious! :) My dad also noticed it and said, 'Wah, she rather look at you than watch the show.' Heheh.

Okay, I think that's all! I had a super long day today so I'm gonna hit the sack soon.