Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello from Singapore.

Hey all!

I'm currently blogging from Changi Airport, yet again. Last time I did this was during my China trip. Haha..It's so funny. There were already a few funny/jakun incidents on the way here (we've already started using the back up plan) and we haven't even reached Japan yet. Can't imagine what will happen when we're there.

My next flight will be at 11.40 pm and I'm really excited. Hehe.

Can't wait to get there and taste the authentic sushis, sashimi etc!

Mum, Dad and my younger sister sent 4 of my friends and I to the airport just now. Mum was really funny cos she was so worried about everything it was as if she is the one travelling. Her 'kan-cheongness' was so obvious it made another parent ask, "Is this your first time your daughter is travelling?" Lol.
But still ,thanks mummy and daddy for taking time off to send me. =)

Oh and I've actually done the video I was talking about but it's always not perfect cos I would make some error every single time so I got really frustrated and decided to give up. Hahaha.

So, I guess this is it. 5 months of hard work practising the routine and getting all the injuries has come to an end. It's the time we've all been waiting for. I just can't state how excited I am, really.

The rest of my team mates are all around the airport loitering. Some went window shopping, others chillling at Burger King while 2 of my friends and I are here taking advantage of the free Internet service after our very filling dinner at BK's! Hope I won't puke later. Hahaha. Oh, and I wanna watch Definitely, Maybe later during my flight. Hehe.

Okay, time is almost up. Don't miss me too much okay. Lol. And don't expect souvenirs! Hahah.

I'm feeling very Paris-y at the moment, don't ask why.

Till then, hugs and kisses to all! Muax! =) Bring on the Jap hunks! LoL.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Breathe Florence breathe.

I'm in a state of panic now.

I just figured I cannot find my passport..and I'm flying this Thursday. I am damn sure it's lying somewhere in my house, just not sure where is it. So somehow I kinda 'lost' it but didn't really lose it. And my house isn't big, it's just messy that's why! I meant my room. I was looking for it just now but to no avail.

Omg, I'm stressed like crap!!! Can vomit blood. I felt my head spinning while I was searching for it just now. I haven't started packing and I dunno why the heck I still have time to blog. Maybe it's because I'm still in the office! ARGH.

I shall tell the boss I wanna quit today.

To those of you who still do not know, I will be flying to Japan to compete in a cheerleading competition. It's the 2nd Asian Cheerleading Championship this year.

Oh by the way, I'm really flattered that there are people who wanna hear me sing! Ahahah! There's only one person who is not willing to go through that painful process and I knew it instantly who clicked that "No" option when I viewed the results. Guesses anyone?
Lol. It's obviously her lah, FIONA. Who else can it be right?

I promise you all to do a video soon but not at this moment because:

1. I'm busy searching for my passport!

2. I'm busy packing on what or what not to bring.

3. My voice sounds like crap now because I've been cheering like 24/7 so I'm losing my voice. (Don't say it always sounds like crap ar, I shall prove you wrong!)

There are so manyyyyyyyyyy things running through my mind now I feel dizzy just thinking about everything!

Please keep me in your prayers people. I need all the protection and strength I can get from our Lord.

Till then, I'm really looking forward to this trip. What more this being the first time for me competing internationally with my second family, the Charm All-Stars. =) I'm sure it will be a heck of an experience for the first-timers like myself and a few others. We were already warned to behave ourselves and not act like a jakun while we're there although we do have a back up plan if we were caught being jakun. Hahah.

Okay, now it's time to get stressed again about finding my passport or else I'll just faint on the spot if I don't find it I tell you. (Oh, if any of my team mates are reading this, dun worry I'll find it=p)

Edit: I went back for lunch today and tried searching for it again. My maid coolly asked me to get downstairs to have lunch but I didn't want to cos I had to look for my passport. Then, I knew something was wrong when my maid insisted that I have my lunch and told me not to worry about it. I asked my younger sister if she has seen it and she said no.

I was so freaking pissed when I found out that my sister actually knew where it was but had planned not to tell me and just watched me freak out like that. She knew I was searching for it frantically and yet just let me go on searching blindly.

To Sarah: Only retards take delight in such sick jokes.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More polls!

Polls are always a fun thing to do.

The last one which I did had quite a number of you responding so can I conclude that you guys are actually very, um, responsive? Lol.

Anyway, here's another one for you. Heheh. Spam all you want! VoteWould you wanna see me posting a video of myself singing?
Yeah! Sure. I've secretly been longing for this. Hahaha.
As usual, I got no comment. Whatever lah.
Oh no! Please spare me from the torture.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Time for an update.

It's a public holiday and yet I'm working.

At times of desperation when you're in need of money, I'm sure you will also do the same.
Be a slave on a public holiday, I mean. Who opens their shop on a public holiday man? The whole street here is like deadville. Parking lots were so empty when I arrived here this morning approximately half an hour late because stupid car keys failed me. The batteries died. Thank God for mum's car so I drove hers instead. By the way, parents are away at Kota Kinabalu for their anniversary =)

My dad's so funny. My siblings and I were at church when I got this text which read,
"Hey, we hv just landed in kk!"
Lol. He sounded like a small boy to me.

I realized my entries lately were mostly about work. Yeah, other than work, I'll be busy with cheer. That explains the lack of updates.

Anyway, since my life revolves around work lately, here's something funny to share with you guys.

Imagine this scenario when I'm in my boss's office when she's busy texting/dialing while talking to me.
Scene One
Her: Eh, you know where's the what ar?
Me: What?

Scene Two
Her: Eh, this who paid already ar?
Me: Who?

Seriously, she thinks I'm some kind of goddess who can read her mind is it? And bear in mind, that happens quite frequently. I will have to control myself from showing that I am actually quite annoyed.

Another funny incident was during cheer practice when I fell from a stunt and landed on my butt and it hurt quite a bit. Instead of getting sympathy from my friends, Mr Charm-Man just had to poke fun of me. [It's like his daily dose. Haha. You better stop it already if you're reading this!]

Charm-Man: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah, I'm fine. Quite painful lah.
Charm-Man: Eh your butt so big...How come you didn't bounce back up when you fell just now?
Me: *rolls eyes until it got stuck*
And that my friends, is the lamest statement of the week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My TV life is back.

I'm one happy girl.

My Astro has been revived. It gives a whole new meaning to watch Astro again.

Hahaha. I'm talking about being able to watch models strut their thang, housewives getting desperate, old cars being pimped, rich and bratty sixteen year olds celebrating their birthday grander than the King's or who's dating who in Hollywood.

Still, there is a price to pay after finally getting back the Variety package. My dad opted to cancel the Learning package this time.

Oh well, I have no complaints.

I'd rather watch people giving birth than seeing how animals mate. Hehe.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Stupid old fart.

I so need to rant!

So far during this 4 months plus since I started working at the car workshop place, I had no bad encounter with any of the customers. The majority are nice ones, some even too friendly ones. Haha.
Talking about bad encounter with customers..Well, maybe I came across just one lah. There was this Indian man who drives only a Kelisa but has an attitude problem like crazy. He was like the Indian lala type of person because some Tamil song was booming on his speakers when he drove his car here. Some more can park right in front of the entrance like that was his shop until my boss had to ask him to park elsewhere. Haha. The way he spoke to me was like as if I was deaf, shouting at every word he spoke. I was quite pissed at that time, but maybe that was just his nature, so fine I brushed it aside after rolling my eyes.


Today is much worse okay.


When I just arrived at the office for a few minutes and was settling down, a stupid, saggy, wrinkly, fat, old fart just barged into the office. Hmmm..that man seems familiar, I thought to myself. Yeah, he came before. No bad memories about him. YET.
At that same moment, I was talking to the foreign worker about how to switch on the lights because my room is actually the room next door and not the room that I was in at that time. Lol. Geddit?

So anyway, that stupid, saggy, wrinkly, fat, old fart intruded the office like some terrorist and asked if my boss was in.
I answered 'No, she's not in.' Then continued asking the foreign worker about the switch.

And then you know what the stupid, saggy, wrinkly, fat, old fart said?

'When I'm talking to you, you look at me and answer me. Don't look elsewhere. So no manners at all. So is she in or not?'

I wanted to yell back, 'HELLOOO! I just answered you. Do you have a hearing problem ah?' Damn stupid. At the back of my mind, I was cursing like crazy. And I did look at him while replying him. I think it was after I replied that I look elsewhere. EH, you can't blame me for not staring at you a little longer when you're THAT ugly both on the inside and outside right!

Instead, I just repeated my reply 'No, she is not in', emphasizing each word carefully with a cold hard stare.

I think he understood the meaning after that cos he was like 'Come, I show you where's my car blablabla' Just leave your damn car keys lah. Super menyampah. My boss already knows what he wants to do with his car and yet he is repeating it again. (Signs of aging, I hope you won't get Alzheimer's) Then ask me to personally pass his car keys to my boss some more. It won't go missing just like that lah idiot. Oh, and just so you know, he's driving a Merc i-dunno-what-model so probably that's why he's so bitchy. Rich, old fart.

Yeah, and I thought only women would be that bitchy. I was proved wrong.

And who says men do not have PMS? I think they do.