Monday, March 31, 2008

This post is dedicated to my dear Amanda.

Amanda Khoo Yin Yen!

If you're reading this, you better call me now.

Why do I have to find out everything through Facebook omg I'm so blur man. No wonder you said we had to go out soon. I didn't know it meant such big news! If I knew, I would have ditched everything aside and demanded for an emergency meet up. And now, I seriously demand that we go out this moment. Lol.


My my..You're so grown up now. *dabs tears* Hahahah.

P.S Tomorrow's my last day at work, finally. Yay! No more washing carsI'm gonna be a penganggur again. Anybody who has any high pay/chillaxing job, contact me. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a weekend.

Crazy weekend, to be precise.

On Saturday night, we had to be at Cineleisure at 10.30pm to set everything up eg. safety mats, carpet, tables and chairs for the judges, VIPs and media.
Then halfway during the set up, the Rainbows arrived. The Rainbows are an all-boys team from Thailand who is superbly, fantastically geng chow! They came here not to compete but to be our guest performers. FYI, they are an all-gay team.

After setting up which ended around 1 something a.m, we had to run through our routine because we would also be performing the next day. So, it was really tiring for all of us. The practice only ended around 3a.m which caused us to arrive home at 3-ish. As if that wasn't enough, we had to reach Cineleisure the next day at 8.30 a.m. The initial plan was to be there by 7.30 a.m. Crazyness! Thank God they switched it to 8.30. Heh..
If you were not there at the event, it sucks to be you. heh jk. let me give you a snippet of what happened.

Among the celebrities there were Amber Chia, Belinda C, and er... if you consider the So You Think You Can Dance finalists celebrities as well, Brancy and Dennis were there too.

There were quite a lot of drama happening behind the scene because a few cried due to some reasons. While many may address me as a drama queen, let me clarify first that I'm definitely not one. Sad to say I was one of the 'few' who cried. In public. Which isn't a pretty sight. Omg, someone just shoot me lar.
It was because while we were warming up our stunts an hour before the performance, I injured myself. Well, what can I say. Shit happens. I just didn't expect it to befall me on that particular moment, 59 minutes or so before our performance.

So, I was overwhelmed with two emotions at the same time. Firstly, I was obviously in pain. My last toe swelled up almost instantly it looked like a tiny brinjal. [Do not ask why a brinjal, couldn't think of any other comparison.] Secondly, I was afraid I will not be able to perform because of the pain that was so intense I was doubting myself so much. I think it was more of the latter though. Then the tears literally just trickled down non-stop and my captain was asking me if I am sure I could still perform while I was just nodding and sobbing like an idiot. Gosh.

The St.John people came to my rescue by spraying some cold spray on the wounded spot and bandaged it so tight until I think they caused me to feel more pain than before. Despite the pain, the show must still go on. Thank God the performance went on smoothly.

Anyway, here are a few pictures snapped by our very own CHARM's professional photographer, Kelvin.

Overall, the whole event was a success. Everyone was being so supportive especially towards the Thailand team. The crowd was just yelling like crazy each time they made a movement. Hahaha. A huge thanks to my bunch of friends, (WernSern, ShanYong, Darimi, Ah Long, Chew) for coming over to show your support. =)

P.S: I wanna thank God for His healing power because I've stopped limping. Yay!

P.P.S: The guy from who did the coverage for this event is uber cute!!

P.P.P.S: This is my 100th post! *joy*

Edit: Here's the video you've been longing to watch, Nat. Teehee.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


There's just too many funny incidents at my workplace I cannot possibly list them all here.

But what's weird today is that another Bangla worker (yup, there are THAT many Bangla workers) asked me this before I clocked out from work.

This meaning :
Kak, balik ar? (Now there are 2 things I don't understand. First of all, isn't it obvious I'm going home since I'm clocking out? Secondly, I have no idea why on earth he adressed me as a KAK)

*Nods head and smiles*

Papa Chinese?

I was all HUH??

Papa you Chinese?

Then I nodded again, this time with a fake smile because I felt quite annoyed.


Speaking of which, there was one time when my friend lied to another friend of ours saying that I'm actually Vietnamese and I own the Vietnamese Kitchen at Taipan. And that 'genius' friend actually bought that joke! Omg.

Somebody please help me look more Chinese-y. I thought my small sepet eyes can already prove that I'm a 100% Chinese. [No offense to any Vietnamese reading this.]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Banglas and English and Malay.

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates. Haven't got the mood/too lazy/whatever you wanna call it. Yeah, kick me around and I'll still be that lazy.

Anyways, something funny happened at work yesterday.

A Bangla worker came into the office looking for something quite urgently.

Nak cari apa? (At this point, I do not know whether to converse with him in Malay or English because they can speak and understand both languages but with very poor command of both)

Paint shield, was his reply.

Not bad, not bad, I thought to myself. Good, can understand English. I continued to ask him back, 'What's a paint shield?' with a totally blank look on my face.

Then he started replying back in Malay, bla bla bla kalau tumpah boleh cuci.. The rest I couldn't really catch what was he saying even when I've tried straining my ears.

It suddenly hit me that maybe he wanted a bottle of thinner or something. 'Ohhh, thinner is it?'
I asked back suddenly feeling quite happy I finally knew what he wanted, searching aimlessly for a bottle of thinner without waiting for his reply.

He suddenly grabbed a red looking stick and said 'Ahhh, ini ini.'

I looked up only to see him holding a red PENCIL triumphantly. -_-

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's now or never.

Cheh. Title sounds so important. I find myself so good at giving titles I should get an award for it.
Anyway, what I really meant was my many months ago trip in China. Gonna write it off once and for all.

Give you 10 bucks if you can guess what we're sipping.
Can't guess? Give up?

It's diluted chrysanthemum tea! (yuck) Too late. I told you the answer so the 10 bucks reward is gone.

The itinerary after that horrible tasting tea session was much much better. We travelled to a place called the XiTang water village which was indeed an eye-opener for urban people.

See what I mean? How often do you see a red, three-wheeled vehicle here?

My momma can also pose okay. Can yo momma pose like that?

I love the fact that we never fail to take a family picture almost everywhere we went.

The grandfather at the background was fishing for rubbish with the net. Yes, those are vegetables at the corner.

Even with the help of the 'ah pak' to keep the river rubbish-free, it's still not really clean though. Let me rephrase that. It's dirty, yet the villagers wash their clothes there. I kid you not.

Tom Cruise was here before for the shooting of MI3! OMG!!! *bimbo tone*

An upclose photo of the motorized bicycle I was talking about previously. I think I can now conclude that red is the all time favourite colour of the people of China.

We bought this sticky thing made out of maltose, I think. It's extremely sweet. You'll love it if you have a sweet tooth.

China's Venice? Lol. Whatever. The man is staring as if he hasn't seen leng luis syok sendiri-ing before. Hahaha.

A random China toddler who is so cute can die.

Just to show how narrow the lane is.

This is how they make that maltose thing. Super elastic! I think this requires quite a lot of energy man. Cos that dude sure looked like he was using a lot of strength.

The labrador (or is it a golden retriever?) is there to welcome people to rent the room his master is renting out. I'm not joking.

I see many Fiona's.

Up next was lunch.
The highlight of the meal was supposedly the hairy crab we had. The tour guide kept promoting non-stop saying how we should try it because they cook the crab in a really mouth-watering style.

The turn out? Nothing to shout about.
Worse still, we got conned. Because my dad paid 60 freakin Yuan for this crab. That's almost equivalent to Rm30. Don't let the picture fool you, the crab is probably only the size of my palm. I think we paid just to see how hairy it is lor seriously.

After the meal, we travelled back to where our journey began, Shanghai. On the way back, we captured this picture of the ferris wheel which is surprisingly kinda huge! It looks and definitely is larger than the Eye On Malaysia. And the Eye On Malaysia doesn't even belong to us. Pfft.

After that, we went to one of the Soong's sister's burial ground. There are 3 Soong sisters altogether and all of them made a mark in the history of China just by marrying some famous dude. The one we visited was the second in the family if I'm not mistaken. She's the wife of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. She requested to be buried alongside her parents before she died because apparently she disobeyed her father when her dad forbidded her to marry Sun Yat Sen so this was her way to pay her respects. Reason being the famous historian was a very close friend to her father. When the tour guide explained this to us, I still cannot imagine how could she have fallen in love with a man who's about the same age as your father.

Imagine your father introducing you to his friend and then you get all flirty and start sending winks and flicking your hair. Eeew. Surely there are many other better looking man around right! Even MY masseur is much better looking. Muahahah.

The flirtatious one in the family.

So after listening to the promiscuous story, night arrived and it was time for dinner.

Dined on a floating restaurant. =) The exterior looked good. Interior wasn't that bad also.

Then, we went back to Shanghai Bund once AGAIN. Waste of time? Well, not really.
Cos you get to see all the mushy couples snogging each other
Cos this time we went on the gigantic ship which looked so much like the China's Titanic version. Okay, maybe a little exaggerated but you get the drift.

It was seriously very cold that particular night. The coldest night while we were there. I definitely wasn't being a wimp okay because the tour guide herself was shivering throughout the entire night.
The Oriental Pearl Tower looks so so so good at night. <3>

That happening spot only got me interested just because there were so many ang mohs there. Me likey.

Yes, that's S.H.E right above our heads.

Beautiful litted Christmas tree..but it got ruined by the girl in the picture.

So happening. Got pub some more with music blaring in the background. As predictable as it may be, yup, we didn't enter. And no, I'm not complaining.

So that whole happening visit didn't turn out to be as happening as I made it sound. So yeah. Heheh.

Passed by this stage which was solely set up for the countdown to usher in the New Year. We left a day before the New Year so we missed out on this. Or else we would be there ushering in 2008 with the Chinese going 'San..Er...Yi...Xing Nian Kuai Le!!!' Wo hui jiang hua yi okay. Bu yao wan-wan.

After that, it was back to the hotel. We only got to shut our eyes for 2 hours or so then it was time to get to the airport.

HAHAH. I can't believe I FINALLY managed to finish blogging about this trip. It seemed like a never-ending story.

For those who can't get enough of the trip, you can even watch an exclusive video featuring who else but, me. Please dial 1800-I-Cant-Get-Enough-Of-Florence for the limited videotape.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More lame jokes.

Got this from an e-mail sent by mom. Enjoy!

Customer: Waiter, do you serve pigs?
Waiter: Please sit down sir, we serve everyone.

Lady: Is this my train?
Station Master: No, it belongs to the Railway Company.
Lady: Don't try to be funny. I mean to ask if I can take this train to New Delhi.
Station Master: No Madam, I'm afraid it's too heavy.