Thursday, November 18, 2010

I gotta feeling...

that there is gonna be a loooooonggggggggg day ahead of me tomorrow.

And hopefully, an exciting one! :D

Are you trying to guess what it is already? (some of you might already know)

Stay tuned for more details. *hinthint*

Can't wait. I shan't be late. Goodnight world. :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Wow. I'm surprised at myself for even attempting to log in to Blogger and clicking the New Post tab.

My lack of interest in this blog is somehow worrying me. Okay, probably worrying is not the right word to use since I am not really bothered to update it as much as I used to.

I went through a series of unfortunate events this week, was overcome with thoughts of confusion/stress, but things might just turn around.

I should always look at the glass half full, and not half empty. I should really just try not to think too much, but look at things from a simpler view.

I should...but can I?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

First time experience.

Have you ever watched a movie in a Gold Class cinema before?

Me neither...
Well, right until a couple of weeks back when my uncle had extra tickets to watch "Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps" at One Utama. Thanks Uncle Jeremy! =)

We were super jakun la. See, the seats are huge and so so comfortable!! Can incline/recline, food & beverages were on the house because the whole cinema was booked that night.

Then obviously we needed to make good use out of it right. So the list of food we ordered were popcorn, 1901 hotdogs, KitKat, meatballs, nuggets, ice blended mocha & cappucino (extremely yums!!). Heh. Okay, before you judge, that was our dinner okay. So, the food intake is pretty acceptable ya? LOL.

Felt so pampered =)

Moving on, my sister and I have brought out our businesswoman skills by setting up a blogshop. So, do drop by, browse freely, and order whatever you want/would want to see in the future!

We are called...the...*jengjengjeng*...

Urban Stylistas!

HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, couldn't come up with a better name so here's the link:

Spread the word! Thanks y'all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrity (well, kinda) Crush.

Hey y'all!!!

It's been a long time since I posted a bimbo post. Today, brace yourself for the comeback of the bimbo post.
So right, like just the other day, I caught Step Up 3 with my friends and the dance moves were da shiznit! HAHAH. But that's beside the point!!
You know what else is the shiznit. Or in this case..WHO else is the shiznit. Okay, I should totally stop using the word shiznit cos I bet it's annoying y'all like crazy now, ain't that right? LOL. Okay, okay, stop.

If you don't already know, there's this Asian dude who always plays kinda like the keh leh feh parts. But, who cares? He managed to capture my attention. Heheh.
His name is... Harry Shum Jr!! Yup, he's that dude in Glee! I shall now show you pictures of him in case you still don't know who I am talking about.


Honestly, it is not very often I go gaga over Asian guys. He is an exception. WoOoOoo *melts again*.

Okay, I should stop acting like a high school kid.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bitter Sweet.

One more week until I leave PwC.

I'd be lying if I say this 3 months did not mean anything to me. Let me take you through the journey of this experience I'll never forget. Cheh. =p

So every morning I will wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy the most difficult feeling in the world is dragging myself out of bed.
I will wait for the train which always gets delayed.
Cross the busy street.
Have my daily dose of morning exercise.
Tag myself up to the 13th floor. There are no buttons in the lift (only the 'open' and 'close' button) so everything must be done at the lobby!
The reading area. When I get tired looking at the laptop screen for too long, I just need to look out to this view and relax myself for a bit :)

Meet my intern friends!
This is Kim who has already left. She was only here for 2 months. She's the bubbliest person I've ever met! Also, one of the sweetest person I know! On my birthday, she bought me cornish pie for breakfast (because she claims I always don't take proper breakfast which is not true by the way) and a piece of cake from Secret Recipe.
This is Ewen, whom like I said before, my first impression of him was not very nice. But now we can tease each other like crazy and not get offended. Haha. This was taken on a Friday night after work. We always get excited on Fridays! :D

This girl on the left is Cai Ying. She works under the Marketing & Communications department.
This was taken during the The Edge's Rat Race event in front of the Bursa Malaysia building. It was a really interesting event because you get to witness corporate people running the race in their corporate attire!

Another event which we attended to lend our support was the tennis game in the Inter Accounting Firm Games where PricewaterhouseCoopers emerged as the overall champion! Woots!!
So am I happy to be leaving? I guess I can just describe it as a bitter sweet feeling la :)
And to end the post, here are a few pictures taken during my birthday celebration.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sign of aging.

As you all know, I'm already entering the third month of my internship.

I had a couple of funny (weird?) encounters I faced which I feel I should share with you all.

One young lady from the HR department once came over to us interns, said hello and introduced herself and vice-versa. Shortly after that, she admitted that she thought I and the other intern (who's one year older than I am) were permanent employees in the firm. We ended up laughing but I actually forced a laughter.

Okay...this is not a good sign. I'm old.

"Nevermind", I thought to myself. She's just crapping. Ignore.

Then today, my friends and I went downstairs to buy karipap from the very famous uncle who comes to the office twice weekly. In the midst of waiting, we made friends with a couple of guys from another department and started to chat.

Until, one of them said, "Oh, you're an intern? Really? I thought you're a permanent staff"'.

TWICE. That's the amount of times people have mistaken me for a permanent staff.

I tried comforting myself by talking to my intern friend (who by the way, also got mistaken like me).

"Eh, they don't mean it that way right?? Maybe it's the way I dress. Professional, right? *hopeful*"

"No, face it. You're old.."

"Oh wait! It's're old...or..."

*Eyes lit up again*

"...oh there's nothing else. You're old"


P.S The karipap Uncle decided to ffk us all and did not show up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm alive!

Hey guys!

Time really flies because I'm already about to finish the second month of my internship. This blog has been neglected because when your daily life revolves around the same routine, there really isn't much to blog about you see.

Facebook is banned in the office so when things get boring, my only source of entertainment is the other two interns. One of whom I thought was really weird when I first met him. Hahaha. He knows about this though, because I already told him lol. Shows how much we've bonded during this period until I can tell that to his face. Hah.

My managers are also pretty cool people. They brought us to many places around KL to makan-makan which is awesome :)

Sure, there might be days when things can get real stressful but I guess this is all part of the learning process.

I've learnt a lot and finally know what it feels like to work in a 9-5 job. I've also mastered a number of skills including the very important skill of pushing & squeezing through the sardine-packed crowd into the train. HAHA. There is no such thing as being polite if you wanna get on board.

Oh! I'm turning 22 soon. NOOOOOO! Am I old or what!? :(

Catch up soon, hopefully! Have a good week people. Cheers! :)