Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bitter Sweet.

One more week until I leave PwC.

I'd be lying if I say this 3 months did not mean anything to me. Let me take you through the journey of this experience I'll never forget. Cheh. =p

So every morning I will wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy the most difficult feeling in the world is dragging myself out of bed.
I will wait for the train which always gets delayed.
Cross the busy street.
Have my daily dose of morning exercise.
Tag myself up to the 13th floor. There are no buttons in the lift (only the 'open' and 'close' button) so everything must be done at the lobby!
The reading area. When I get tired looking at the laptop screen for too long, I just need to look out to this view and relax myself for a bit :)

Meet my intern friends!
This is Kim who has already left. She was only here for 2 months. She's the bubbliest person I've ever met! Also, one of the sweetest person I know! On my birthday, she bought me cornish pie for breakfast (because she claims I always don't take proper breakfast which is not true by the way) and a piece of cake from Secret Recipe.
This is Ewen, whom like I said before, my first impression of him was not very nice. But now we can tease each other like crazy and not get offended. Haha. This was taken on a Friday night after work. We always get excited on Fridays! :D

This girl on the left is Cai Ying. She works under the Marketing & Communications department.
This was taken during the The Edge's Rat Race event in front of the Bursa Malaysia building. It was a really interesting event because you get to witness corporate people running the race in their corporate attire!

Another event which we attended to lend our support was the tennis game in the Inter Accounting Firm Games where PricewaterhouseCoopers emerged as the overall champion! Woots!!
So am I happy to be leaving? I guess I can just describe it as a bitter sweet feeling la :)
And to end the post, here are a few pictures taken during my birthday celebration.


p n g said...

Thats gonna be your routine for the next few decades.
Hmmmm....the last pic(*_*)did i see a free ticket to the "muscle man mud-wrestling competition"...hahahah ;)

Florence said...

I know =(

Hahah you've got sharp eyes! The card was hilarious!