Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In loving memory of Pastor Mark.

Today, a great man of God has gone home to be with the Lord. He is our beloved Pastor Mark who pastors the Grace USJ church.

I only got to find out about the news from my sister when I reached home 2 hours ago. Ironically, I had the sudden thought about my pastor when I was at AC with my friends. And that was about the same time he passed away when I thought of him.

Although I only started to attend the church 2 years ago, it doesn't take a long time to notice what a nice man he was. He is one of the most gentle and soft-spoken person I've met.

We will definitely miss our wonderful pastor. Many questions are running through my mind now, but if you're reading this, please pray for his family to be comforted by the Holy Spirit during this difficult period.

Goodbye Pastor Mark, and till we meet again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a day.

Hello! It's been awhile huh...

I just find it so difficult to blog nowadays lah, so please excuse me.

Okay, if you don't already know, getting a parking spot in SEGi College SJ is like winning the jackpot. Alright, slight exaggeration there but you know what I mean. There are only three floors of parking lot to accomodate everybody in the building.

As I was running pretty late, I circled and circled the whole three floors for about three rounds but to no avail. So I had to do what everybody did. Double-park. I absolutely discourage double parking but I really had no choice so I chose the closest car to the pillar and blocked it. I then left my number on the windscreen and hurried to class.

After I entered the class no more than 5 minutes, my handphone rang. Yes, it was the driver whom I blocked sounding very pissed and impatient on the other side of the line saying, 'Can you move your car?' in a rude tone.

I dashed out of the classroom and went all the way down again (my class was at the 8th floor!) to find an angry person waiting for me. When I looked at that person properly, I was so embarrassed...he was my ex-lecturer. Obviously I had to say sorry lah. And as if I haven't attended enough of his lectures, he literally lectured me again on being a responsible driver.

I told my friends about this incident and they laughed. :( But in my defense, one of my friend mentioned that he shouldn't have parked there either because lecturers have their own floor of parking lots. Also, everybody in college is double-parking because that's just how congested it is! And it's not like I left the car without leaving my number. Sheesh.

Lesson learnt:
1. Pray, pray, pray! (I totally forgot the power of prayer)
2. Recognise his car and never park behind him again.

Oh, and since we're at the topic of driving, here's a funny video to make your day :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hainan Island Pt 2.

Day Three! (7th Feb, Sunday)

I'm just gonna go ahead and blog with pictures + captions with as little description as possible because if you wanna look up further about that certain place which you might like to visit someday, there's always Google. :)
I have only one word for this place which we went to on that day - BORING!
It's called Boao Forum for Asia and it's where all the ASEAN leaders meet up for important conferences and such.
Next, we went to the Jade Belt Beach. This beach is unique because 'it runs from north to south with connecting the land at the end and naturally forms a long and narrow sand peninsula to separate the Wanquan River from the South China Sea like a jade belt'. So yes, that means it has fresh water on one side and sea water on the other!
There were many fruit vendors.

Have I mentioned that the island is famous for coconuts? So everywhere you go, there were different types of coconut products. The picture above is coconut rice which unfortunately is not to my taste bud's liking. Ordered this as one of the dishes for lunch.
Then we went to this place with loads of trees and plants. Sorry I forgot what it's called. Not worth remembering also as it was quite boring too. Heh.
Coconuts as the base.
Weird looking plant called the cat's tail.
Hahah! My extremely bored face. They were giving out free tea samples.

Next stop was to listen to the wonders of Chinese medicine.
Poor dude had to scald himself with this burning chain to prove that the Bao Fu Ling medicine works immediately for burns and every other diseases. They make it seem like this Bao Fu Ling is a miraculous medicine.
We had to watch him torture himself while we got foot massages.
Everybody seemed so relaxed.

Tour on third day ended early so we headed back to walk around the hotel's area buying souvenirs and chilled at the hotel's cafe sipping coffee and fruit juices.

Day Four! (8th Feb, Monday)
Lined up for the cable car ride to Monkey Island.
LOL. Annoying hair flying across my sister's face.
Hair tamed.
View below as we were up on the cable car.
Who's the sexiest monkey? :)

Scroll down for answer...

TA-DAH!! Say hello to the sexy mama.

Monkeys there are so privileged. They get to roam around freely in the beautiful vast area and they even have their own swimming pool!
I think you need to be a celebrity monkey to be able to chill here. Heh.
Not all monkeys are that privileged though because they have a monkey prison for naughty monkeys!! Hahahah!

Okay, I have to admit I forced a smile in this picture because I was actually really mad at that time. Oh wait... no I didn't. This was before the show started so I was still feeling fine. It was only during the show when all these Chinese ticked me off so bad. We were seated at the front row and they conveniently walked up to the front, blocking us just to get a clearer view of the show. Like literally just place their butts in front of your face. How inconsiderate, uncivilised and rude! >:( Even after being told off, they'll just ignore you. Idiots.
I didn't manage to watch 90% of the show :(

My mood was completely ruined at that moment. How to calm a raging person then?


Us waiting for the boat to arrive to transport us to the floating restaurant.
After the yummy lunch, we travelled to the next city, Sanya. Oh by the way, I know how to write Sanya in Chinese!! Hahah.
Visited Bing Lang Gu. It's a village where the Li and Miao minority are still living in and has turned into a tourist spot.

The men were pulled by the Li (or was it Miao?) women into a hut for a wedding ceremony.
These women are really good in weaving!
Some of the handmade products in the village.
Buffalos play an important role in this village. The villagers pay respect to the buffalos for protection.
Next, out of the village and somewhere else for a spectacular view of the island.
Pigeons waiting to be fed.
Aww. It's written LOVE in Chinese on the rock.
Managed to catch the sunset. Hahaha geddit?

At the Sanya beach!

Day Five! (9th Feb, Tues)

If I'm not mistaken, this is called Nanshan Cultural Tourism Park.
I love this picture!
Statue of Guan Yin.
For lunch, we had Chinese Ramen noodles in a Halal restaurant. Everybody working there is a Muslim, and they were kinda cute :)

Next stop, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park.
Our electronic tour guide.
After crossing a suspension bridge. Climbed up the tower.
Last night dinner at a fast food restaurant with our driver on the left and the tour guide on the right.

Hope you've enjoyed viewing the pictures because it took me very long to upload! :)