Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bread or Kopi?

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been stressing about my assignments. Few more days and I'll be done and over with the horrendous assignments.

Anyway, just to relax my mind a little after the many hours of "assignmenting". Hahah.

Checked my e-mail and I gotta say my mum has the lamest humour. LOL.

Which is more talkative?

ANSWER: Bread.
Because BreadTalk but Kopitiam.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joke of the day.

Today, I saw my Dad using Facebook so I taught him how to use the chat function.

Then I said, 'You can also appear offline if you want you know. Come, I teach you.'

And then my Dad said..

'Nevermind, no need.. I don't lie wan.'


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dot dot dot.

I want to update.

I type something then I press the backspace button. Will you be interested in reading how my week went?

I'm gonna type it anyway. Hah.

1. Attended my first Sunrise Service on Easter at some Taman Rimba in KL. Service was mad early at 7.30am! Drizzled for a bit, but it was so worth it because a very pretty rainbow appeared right after that! What a beautiful sight. Rainbow + Nature = Contented soul :)

2. Been really busy with cheer practices. Practice, performance, practice. Cycle repeats. Last time I used to be pretty enthusiastic about hitting the gym to get fitter. Now it's like, 'No thank you. My body needs rest!' Practice is getting so intense and something tells me this is only the beginning.

3. Submitted my internship application to a few companies but have yet to receive any reply. Where else should I apply to?

4. I should really change my sleeping pattern. Panda eyes are not pretty! :(

Okay lah that's it! Goodnight!