Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There is none like You.

Hey all!

Did another video not too long ago cos we had too much free time in our hands :p
My sister (the one in the video) claims that my voice can't be heard at all.

What do you think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday night.

Just to say something random so that my huge picture don't haunt you each time you visit this blog. Well, at least it's being pushed down lower. So don't scroll down there. Hehe.


I should be out on a Friday night and not be sitting here whining on this blog :(

Oh well, can somebody please help define what is 'freedom'?

I've been told that I'm already given loads of it.

Sounds like a joke to me.

Only difference is that it's not funny at all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For better or worse?

I did something very spontaneous and unexpected a few days ago. I Googled for a hairstyle online and brought the picture together with me to the hair salon instantly. What prompted me to have this sudden change are the comments made by my friends. I’m sure those who have seen me up-close before would have noticed that I have thinning hair/bald spots/ whatever you wanna call it. It was hurting my self-esteem so bad I had to do something about it.

So, I decided to go completely bald.

On Saturday, I went to Kimarie with my sister for my haircut. Being Chinese, Mum has this thinking of cutting the hair shorter each time I pay a visit to the salon to make her money’s worth.

I dread going to places where they cannot understand English. To make matters worse, you guys should know that I cannot speak much of Cantonese or Mandarin. I know, what kinda Chinese am I?! Fail.

My hairstylist was a Chinese speaking male. I have to admit it was quite funny, the conversation between the both of us. Like kai and ngap talking. (Chicken and duck)

He told me, 'Lei keh mei hou kon, lei yu char tit tit yao' (Translation: The ends of your hair are very dry, you should apply some oil.)

Lei zhi char meh yao mou? (Do you know what kinda oil to apply?)

Without waiting for my answer, he straightaway said, 'gor tit chu fan yao de hor yi' (Those cooking oil also can)

'Mou lahh. Tong lei kong siu.' (No laaaa. I'm just kiddin')

Wanted to smack him but I just smiled.

Then, he said, 'Lei zhi mm zhi ngor kong meh yeh mou? Chou meh lei jing hai sek siew?' (Do you know what am I talking about? Why do you only know how to smile?)

GRRRRR! I knew what he was talking about, I was just a bit slow in replying. :p

Okay, enough of the humiliation I faced at the salon.

Heh, you all must be curious how I look like now right. :p

This was the picture I showed that fella. So pretty right. *jealous

But what about me? Brace yourself for the picture below. You've been warned.











I asked my younger sister, 'Yer, how come not the same one?'

She replied, 'Of course la, face also not the same to begin with so how to compare!'


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cheer 2009 Results!

Finally, the end of Cheer 2009. No pictures were snapped because I was too occupied working as the linesman. Well, in this case, lineswoman. Hehe.

Here are the results of the competition for those of you who were not present:

1. Blitzers - SMK Bandar Utama (4)
2. Shirtliff - SMK Seri Bintang Utara
3. Calyx - SMJK Katholik
4. Titans - SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh
5. Dynamitez - SMK Damansara Jaya

Great job to every single team out there! The routines were a major improvement since last year and the standard of cheerleading has definitely been raised to a much higher level.

So, be proud of yourselves for just being on the competition mat and giving it your all. :)

P.S There was a new host/emcee this year. *moves eyebrow up and down repeatedly* Hahaha.