Saturday, June 27, 2009


Must not stop the tradition of dedicating a blog entry for you. :) I'm so efficient right? Just got the pics from Jaz!

So here goes:

Happy Belated 21st Birthday Amanda!

A year older, but your vision's already getting blurrer huh? Hahaha. Look who cannot spot her car when it was right in front of her very own eyes..*faints*

Hope you enjoyed your day. Can't wait for our next yumcha session! *wink*

Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Creator.

I have a little testimony to share with you all today. 'Freshly baked' as it happened only an hour ago. :)

This morning, Fu Hun and I made plans to hit the gym early in the morning before he left for Penang cos he claims he'll be eating a lot there. Before I was about to leave the house, I suddenly got a text from him saying he can't go cos something came up.

Then, I got quite mad and texted him back about how I was already set to go.

After a few texts, we decided to go on with the plan.

The weather looked perfect. Bright and sunny. Note that normally before I leave the house I would throw the house keys back inside because the older sister is still in the house sleeping. (Also because we didn't have any spare keys. Grr) Somehow, I took the keys along with me today because I thought by the time I came home, the older one would probably still be sleeping.

To cut the story short, it started pouring heavily (and I mean real heavy with thunders) while I was at the gym. We were almost done working out by then. I started panicking because all the clothes were nicely hung outside at the porch before I left. Note that all these panic attacks only happen after the maid has gone home because we have nobody to rely on.

We left hurriedly and then I told my friend about the clothes left outside and kept worrying. At the back of my mind, I could already hear mum's voice yelling and nagging.

I told Fu Hun, 'maybe it hasn't started raining at my place' feeling hopeful to comfort myself. He gave me the 'no way/are you kidding me' look.

When I drove back, I kept praying and speaking to God about how He can and should help me stop the rain. I was reminded of last week's speaker preaching about how He is able to make it rain after many days of drought. If He can make it rain, He can definitely make it stop.

True enough when I reached home, it didn't rain at all and the clothes were still dry.

God is amazing and can work wonders! I'm amazed.

P.S I was right. The older one was still asleep. Haha.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


There is an obvious difference between the types of pranks one can pull off on you.

First, the good type. This is the type where you can go "hahahahahah" and continue laughing for the rest of the day thinking about it.

Then, there's the lousy type. Not only do you get the prank which isn't even funny, you also end up getting pissed at the prankster/'pranker'.

Today, I was the 'prankee' of the lousy type of prank.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a bummer.

Two valuable lessons learnt today:

1. Do NOT drink coffee before bedtime. Even if you have tried successfully sleeping through before, do not assume you can function the same way. I spent the whole night/morning tossing in bed.

2. Read the terms and conditions of the contest before entering it. I spent an hour plus thinking, drafting, writing the stupid thing before I found out that I am not eligible because I'm underaged.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Input + Output = ?

As you can see from my previous post, you would have thought that I gobbled down everything I saw which was edible. I am ashamed to say that as far as I'd like to deny it, it's true. But I'm even more ashamed to say that whatever I gobbled, I discharged it out of my system almost immediately.

Food poisoning lah what else. I don't get it. Whatever I ate, my family ate as well. But only I had to suffer by emitting the 'poison' through the mouth and butt. Eeeew :( My dad joked by saying that I didn't pray hard enough before I ate.

Anyway, back to the story. My dad found this article in The Star newspaper written by someone who travelled to Malacca for a day trip solely to eat. We decided to follow wherever the writer went because she has already provided the addresses in the article so why go through all the hassle when we already have a guide? Thank God for my uncle's GPS or else we would have spent the entire day just searching for one place to eat. (Knowing my father's sense of direction)

At Jonker Street.

Pretending to like this place...

...because our first stop happen to be at this chicken rice ball shop which totally sucked. The rice was cold so this is one place you should not dine at the next time you visit Malacca. We wanted to choose another shop but it was very crowded so we landed ourselves in this one instead. Furthermore, we were already starving so we just went eeny meeny miny mo. Oh and FYI, this was not one of the places listed in the article.

When my dad told us we were gonna stay here, I flipped and fainted at the spot.
"Nooo! What do you mean we're gonna stay here? I'd rather sleep in the car!"
Okay, that didn't happen. Heh.

After that horrible chicken rice ball experience, we walked around to hunt for some cendol. We were this close to walking into a cendol shop when suddenly a man selling kacang near that shop stopped us and told us to go to another shop further down the street.

We wondered if he was hired by that other cendol shop. Hehe.

Whatever it is, he did not recommend wrongly because...

the cendol is to die for!! Best.cendol.ever.

It is so delicious and the gula melaka is too amazing. Yummay! If I visit Malacca again, I'll make sure that everybody go back to this place. This was definitely the highlight of the food excursion. Plus, the price is so cheap for a bowl. :)

Apart from that, this place also serves laksa noodles. I had the assam laksa noodle and I must say that the taste is interestingly different from what we have back here.

The many varieties of cendol!

Then we stopped by Old Nanyang or something like that for coffee and dessert.

Super extra large pineapple tart!

Mini shoes used for women with bound feet.

After that we went to Christ Church to walk around. We walked a LOT that day.

Then Dad suggested that we go to the museum. I was pretty against it at first but since we had nothing better to do, I don't see why we shouldn't enter.


Historic bullets/musket balls, shaped like rabbit poo. Hehe.

I think I can conclude that I'm not a person who enjoys history much because when I was in the museum I wasn't very fascinated with reading the facts and history. Besides, gimme a break. Haven't we learnt enough during secondary school? So, instead, I ended up doing..

Bow and Arrow!

Headed to the hotel to check-in, shower then out for dinner at the Portuguese Settlement. We got quite lost searching for that place despite having the GPS.

There's really nothing much to shout about this place. It's too overrated.

Next we went for satay celup. My mum suspects that the culprit to my food poisoning was because of this.

Said culprit.

Day Two started off with some light brekkie at the hotel. Then, we went to hunt for the Kuay Teow Th'ng in the article mentioned by the writer.

Followed the article and our next stop was at a house at Jalan Tengkera famous for its homemade Nyonya kuihs.

At some random shop.

One of a kind pork satay which you can never find in KL.

Second round of chicken rice ball because the first round wasn't satisfying.

This round was better so I wasn't pretending to like the shop. Hehe.

We then did some window shopping at the local mall called Megamall or something like that. It was situated near Mahkota Parade.

Walked out of that place and found an ancient fort nearby.

Santiago Fort. (If I'm not mistaken)

Before we headed back home, we decided to go for another round of makan.

Oh Chien / Omelette Oyster.

Soft Shell Crab.

Fried noodles with oysters.

The adults wanted to hunt for more cendol before really heading back to KL. At that time, my tummy was already feeling uneasy but I just kept quiet about it because I didn't wanna use the toilets there. Those shoplots looked really old and dirty. But then I couldn't take it anymore so I told my mum. My parents were so nice to drive me to Equatorial Hotel just to do my business! Hahah.

While waiting for me to finish. Haha. (Okay, too much information)

There are two main reasons I don't feel so guilty for chowing down those food without a care on what damage it might do to make me grow horizontally. Firstly, because we walked a lot so we've probably burned some calories we just consumed. Hehe. Secondly, well, because I almost threw everything up. Hahahah. I feel like a bulimic, except that I didn't do it on purpose!

That's all. Besides the puking and all, the trip was good! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yummay holiday.

Hello everybody! I'm currently blogging from my mobile, at a hotel in malacca. I'm staying here for the night with my family. The purpose of this trip? To eat like there's no tomorrow! Hehe. Ok ppl ttyl!

P.s my gym buddies, i have failed you. Hehe sorry!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someone's taking over me.

Heh. Seriously, I should be arrested for neglecting this blog. Well, in my defense, it's so difficult to have some sort of inspiration to blog about something which makes sense.

But since I'm really out of clues on what to talk about, I've suddenly got a (not so) brilliant idea!

Er, okay.. that didn't make sense. See la, the holidays are really getting to me. My brain is not functioning at its normal speed. Hehe.

*Switches to bimbo tone*

Are you ready y'all? Today is your very special day because I do realise that this blog has been lacking pictures. *pause to check blog to see if it's really lacking pictures*

Okay confirm. No self-pictures on main page of blog?!? I don't believe it myself! This calls for a rescue.

So anyways, I bought these iris enlarger lens which is like super cool cos it helps to like, makes your iris insanely larger. *giggles*

Oh okay, back to the point. So what I meant by today being your very special day is because:

1. I am updating.
2. I am updating with pictures of... MEEEE!

*runs for cover*

I cannot believe I just did that.

No, that was not me typing this entry.