Friday, February 29, 2008

Cheer Mania.

This week is totally jam-packed with cheerleading.

Plus I'm working. It's exhausting, yet worth it.

I just did a performance at Sunway Convention Centre. Finally saw how Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah looks like real live.. that filthy rich man. The event was themed Samba Nite, so it was really cool. The setting was amazing but too bad I didn't bring my camera along.

I'm supposed to be at Cineleisure setting up and getting ready for tomorrow's roadshow but Dad won't allow cos it's super late at night. I hope my cheer buddies will understand. Friends who know me well should know my parents are like the most stringent parents ever. I'm turning 20 this year man, gimme a break. Sigh. Then again, I am sure many of you who have the freedom to go out at whatever time you like will say that they're doing this for my own good. Easy for you to say. Put yourself in my shoe and you'll know what it's like. Double sigh.

I shall go taste the J.Co donuts everybody has been talking about since forever. Yeah shut up, I'm outdated I know.

Time to put on more weight. Hah. Goodnight all!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

If only entries can expire.

Then this would definitely be an expired one since CNY has passed by for quite some time already.

I'll let the pictures do the talking since pictures paint a thousand words bla bla bla because I'm not really in the mood to blog but still don't wanna leave my blog rotting without any updates.

This record player got my siblings and I jumping on our feets, squealing while clapping our hands like 3 year olds excited. It's antique! How can you not feel a slight tad of excitement?!
Even my dad was smiling like an idiot a small boy reminiscing his childhood. That's my uncle in the singlet. See, both of them slouches. It's no wonder why I slouch too. =(
My itchy hands wanted to touch it but then chickened out because everybody knows I'm such a spoiler. Hahah. I spoil things quite easily whenever I put my hands on something.
The whole collection of vinyl records stacked neatly.

My aunt's very old love letter was found hidden in between one of the record. My cousin who found it later returned to her causing her cheeks to flush. Lol.

Out of everything that was there, I could only recognize Elvis, Bee Gees, The Beatles, and er..yeah that's all.

Day One
The first lou sang of the year.

My niece is so so adorable you just feel like pinching her the whole time.

My cousins.

Day Two

Went over to my maternal grandfather's home in Cheras.

Yup, that's about it folks. Take care everybody!

Announcement: Charm will be holding its annual competition, the Charm Cheerleading Championship at Cineleisure Damansara. Come join us for the roadshow on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th of March. The competition date is on the 23rd of March. Lend us your support! P.S The guys can check out the hot chicks there as well! =)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sneaky sneaky.

Here I am sneaking just for the sake of typing this entry at the car workshop I'm working at.

The thrill of sneaking while my boss is out for lunch is oh-so-indescribable. My heart is beating so quickly cos you don't know just when the boss might be back. Heh.

Hahah. I don't have any internet connection in my room because of the zaman kuno computer I'm currently using so I'm outside the office where everybody can walk by and see me.

Just so you know, I finally know what's my position in this workplace. I'm a so-called noob accountant cum receptionist cum tai kar cheh. Why tai kar cheh? Because I actually have to call the debtors up to ask them to clear their debts.

And what do I get as a result? An ordinary pay meant for one person. Idiot! I'm taking the risk of getting death threats okay! I should be getting thrice of what I'm getting now. I feel so exploited! =p

Gotta run. Scared the boss might pop in all of a sudden and cause me a heart attack and worse still, fire me.
Hahahahahah. Ciao! =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Before my memory fails me.

First of all, I wanna thank God I'm still alive after uploading theeeeeeesssssseeeee many pictures. I'm seriously considering switching to another blog site since Blogspot is being such a bitch when it comes to uploading pictures.

The lazy side of me wanted to finish off blogging about the entire trip in just a post. But looks like there'll be another post to come because I cannot stand uploading anymore pictures. *wipes sweat*

Okay, so my last stop was at Nanjing and the journey continued around the city. I think this is Day Three..or Four. Whatever. Our first stop was at the famous Nanjing Bridge.

To get to the best spot of the bridge, you'll have to enter the building and take a lift up.
This is what it looks like in the building. They sold all these crystal balls and jades but nobody seemed to be interested in buying those.

We were then welcomed with the warmest of the warmest 'hint' despite the cold weather.
China people are so polite. Even when you slip, you have to carefully slip. If you still don't get their 'powderful England', the sign is warning you to watch your steps and be careful so you won't slip. It's amazing how the translation turned out to be. Hahahah.
View from the top of the bridge. It has an interesting history about how the bridge was built and became the country's pride, how much money the Government spent, how long the people took to build it, the length, yada yada. Wikipedia it yourself.

After that, we went to witness this 'si fu' who is hard at work drawing and painting every little detail inside the glass shaped ball.
This is the view of the bridge from the outside.

I like this picture. I think it's me who enhanced the view.
We were waiting for the rest who were still admiring the intricate masterpiece(s) of the earlier mentioned 'si fu'. Even I can make the rocks look beautiful. Mwahahah..

After that, we headed to see the tallest Buddha statue at I-forgot-where.
At the bottom of the hill.
The statue is situated at the peak of the mountain so we resorted to using another mode of transportation instead of killing our legs. No pictures of the statue since it's not my belief.

Dinner time arrived soon after and then we went for a walk down the streets.
We got ourselves this! I love eating it plus it's cheap!
We took a picture of our bedroom everytime we entered a new hotel/motel. Every room we stayed is in the range of the mediocre category if I were to rate it.

Next morning, we travelled to Wuxi (or was it Hangzhou?) and were welcomed with the gorgeous sights of nature.

Took a boat ride around the lake. I think we're in Wuxi. I remember seeing 'Wuxi Lake' in our itinerary.
That's the tour guide in red who followed and showed us around for the entire 8 days.

Just to let you see how the boat looks like from this angle. Heheh.

Very picturesque.
The view around the lake was breathtaking. Got peacock some more! See what I mean when I said peacocks should replace rats as one of the Chinese zodiac?

Next, we went to the tea plantation to see nothing else but tea.
Our Hangzhou tour guide.
He claims to be the tea expert and his English was the best I've heard since I landed my foot in China.
The people there actually eat the tea leaves. The tea expert said we shouldn't throw it away. Hahah. Right after that I saw my mom sipping the tea and spitting the tea leaves back into the glass because she's not used to eating it. So was I, because I did the same. Hahahah.
I posted quite a lot of solo pictures of her because I don't look good in the ones I posted which has her in it. Geddit?
Pillow stuffed with tea. Apparently, it will give you a better rest at night and you can sleep soundly.
This place was used to shoot for a TVB drama series... If you remember that drama which involved tea plantation, tea workers who plucks tea leaves, the art of frying tea leaves with your bare hands. Ring a bell? Lol. Yeah yeah, that one.

Yep that's right. I'm the owner =p
The next few hours after lunch were practically wasted. The stupid tour gave us plenty of 'free' time to walk around and kill time but there was really nothing much to see. Therefore, we did the usual.
Hahah. Mom joined us this time..and we didn't ask! She literally jumped into the picture.
Ohhh. Who's that? So mysterious. Nyahahaha.
OMG. Guess what is this?? It's smelly tofu! (chow tau foo!) Surprisingly it was quite nice that I wanted more. Heheh.
Mummy waiting anxiously for her I-don't-know-what's-that food. Looks and tastes like popiah. So it's prolly the China edition popiah.
After wasting like 3 hours walking around the same area, we finally went for dinner and then we were brought to watch a show which was the highlight of the night. That place was really awesome because it's supposedly the Song Dynasty era so everything inside there was set up in the olden times!
Even the security guard was dressed up like that. Damn lan ci. *roll eyes*

Can't see much of the background because it's already so dark even though it was only about, what, 7?
This cool old man asked Sarah if she wanted to try to hold that huge stick to pound the soya. Sarah got excited and asked me if I wanted to try as well. I, being the suspicious one, quickly asked her to ask the man if we needed to pay to snap a picture. Then the man said no. Dad laughed when he found out that we asked the man if we needed to pay.
Entered the place to watch the show titled 'The Romance Of The Song Dynasty'.
My older sister kept recording the show using our video cam. She was warned by the guards not to record it. Guess how they warned her??

By shooting laser at her. Hahah. Obediently, She turned off the cam and when she thought they weren't looking, she'll start recording again. And there goes the laser shooting again. Lol. She would ask us to block her from the guard's view but they kept shooting the laser at her like 5 to 6 times. It was so funny.

Some serious head banging swinging action.

China's..showgirls? Heheh.

Some crazy acrobatic position. Yes, she's balancing a girl with her leg stretched beside her ears. Pet pet tak sakit meh?

The show which lasted for about an hour plus was really good. Well, what can I say? I'm easily entertained. Tell me a lame joke and I'd laugh for you anytime.

Anyway, right after the show ended, we went back to that place where all the stalls were lined up with various exhibitions.

Then right, I spotted this particular stall which can weigh you in the most traditional way. So, I got excited this time, went straight ahead and placed my butt on that whatever you call it thing.

The stupid man in red kept talking about my weight in Mandarin which I obviously couldn't intepret. I wasn't listening.

Hahah. She sat on it next. The stupid man in red did the same. She did the same.

Note why I called him stupid. I have an explicable reason. Okay, maybe it wasn't him who was stupid after all because right after my sister got up, he smiled and said '10 yuan' to us. My sister and I exchanged 'wth' looks then paid him reluctantly.

To put it in a nicer way, I was naive. In actual fact, I was stupid.

After getting conned of 10yuan, we went back to our hotel to get our much needed rest.

Before hitting the beds, we gobbled down these cocoons! Remember I told you we can actually eat them? Yeah, we bought a box of those.

It's actually dragon beard candy, idiots. Ngekngekngek. =)

P.S This is by far the longest post I've ever typed. Well, it feels like it.

P.P.S Happy VDay everyone!