Monday, June 25, 2007

Cheer 2007!

I'll just keep this really short and sweet with one picture.

That's the whole reason I went for Cheer2007 anyway.
LOL. No, of course not. I was just kidding.
I went there to support both teams from my school, SMK Seafield. They were totally awesome and definitely deserved to win.
The winners:
1. Dynamitez- SMK Damansara Jaya
2. Shirtliff- SMK Seri Bintang Utara
3. Vulcanz All-Boys- SMK Seafield
4. Vulcanz All-Girls- SMK Seafield
5. Titans- SMJK Ave Maria Convent
The Vulcanz really did the school proud by landing themselves in the Top 5 this year. SMK Seafield also managed to get the Best Teacher award.
Other than that, Charm All-Stars performance rocked the stadium! Good job people! =)
If you wanna know more about the event then move over to TheStarOnline or go buy a copy of TheStar's newspaper to know what happened.
Yannus is so charming. If he were to dance in front of me/for me, I swear I would faint on the spot. HAHA.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have found the one.

As the title says, I have found THE ONE.

No, sorry to potong steam, but it's not my lover.

I found my no.1 blog fan.

Are you ready for this?

She's none other than...(Yes, it's a SHE, sadly)

My mother!

HAHAHA. Yes people, I kid you not.

It all started when I asked her to check out my blog a few days back, giving her my blog address.

The next day, after she returned from work, she proudly told me that she has read my blog already.

So I went like, 'Oh.'

As we talked further, I only came to realize that she has read every single post/word/punctuation mark since I set up this blog!

I was then like, 'OMG. Wah, you very free ah.'

She just giggled.

Then we stopped talking for awhile.

After that, she continued talking by quoting lines from my blog! Like, 'Wah, you call your papa an old man ah. I'm gonna tell him when he gets back home.'

And when I was looking at myself in the mirror, she said 'Stop being so vain la. What the touch touch ah.' [referring to the Cineleisure camwhoring picture]

She also mentioned she had time to read everything because her boss wasn't in the office that day. Hmm. So hardworking hor.

The worst best part is that she told me she laughed to herself while reading my posts. Especially the one about Classmate A hiding her phone in her panty.

She's just too free, just like my dad. Except that this time I gave her my blog address willingly.

I also know she will come home and nag at me after reading this about why did I post something about her using her infamous line 'Oh see oh um chut de oi pei yan zhi ar' on me.
Please excuse me for my poor translation, as this is coming from a semi-banana.
This is Cantonese by the way for those who don't know.

And to those who still have no idea what I just said, it meant 'Buang tahi tahi tak dapat keluar pun nak beritahu orang.' If you STILL don't understand, it means when you're 'shitting and your shit can't come out and yet you wanna let people know.'
[This is kinda like a direct translation so yeah, I know my translated sentence is not perfect]

Seriously, I hear that line so often from my mum.
To be exact, it's when I blurt something out to the outsiders when not neccessary/I'm not supposed to.

Yeah, so that's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed reading this cannot-shit-but-still-wanna-let-people-know post! =)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just a short one.

Father's Day coming this Sunday!
What have you all got in mind to make your Dad's day an unforgettable one?
Any idea?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Youth Camp 2007

This is the awaited post for you readers which I promised to blog about in the previous post. Hehe.

Gotta start off by letting you know what was running through my mind when I was first told about my church organizing it's first youth camp.

The thought of going for it got me feeling slightly very reluctant at first.
[Work of the devil, perhaps]

Instead of thinking of the positives, I started listing down all the negatives I could ever think of.

The biggest 'what if' bothered me most.

'What if I get bored and don't enjoy myself at camp?'

I then asked Dad to not force me to go and wanted to forego this camp. When my senior pastor heard about this, he came up to me and asked me why am I not going and asked me to go with a 'please la' behind.

After much thought, I decided to join them.

We left on Sunday after church service. Pastor Ann was talking about how our dormitory will not have air conds since she was there before several years ago. I was like 'OH NOOO!'

Our camp was held at the Golden Sands Baptist Assembly in Port Dickson.

Anyway, the theme of this camp which is 'I Am Not My Own' simply means we don't belong to ourselves but Jesus.

I may not be a pastor but I believe God has a purpose for each of us. That is why we're living on this Earth He created.
The girls room which has 8 bunk-beds. And look at the top of the pic. Air conditioners! HALLELUJAH!

Our youth advisor, Yvonne came in the room and asked if we want any blanket and I hurriedly said no need since I was sweating profusely and it was so so so hot at that moment. Later that night, I was actually freezing. Serves me right la for answering so fast without thinking.

Oh, besides that, we had an invited guest staying in our room.

A RAT. Yes, you read right. RAT. Reason we found out was because our food was hijacked by the rat and it nibbled a big piece out of the bun. It also tried to bring the cookie out cos the cookie was found at another corner of the room. Also, we heard a tiny squeak coming from somewhere but couldn't figure where. So yeah, we freaked out but did not know where that rat came from.

We were also given bed sheets to make our own bed. Besides that, we also had to put our plates and cups to a certain place after our meals. Pure discipline for 4 days!

The food were unbelievably delicious albeit the amount of dishes served were only 3 for each meal. I don't know why but the drinks were always diluted.

Our guest speaker was Pastor Victor Gonzales, a Filipino who is serving God in the youth ministry here in Malaysia. He's such a funny guy he made the whole sermon so interesting with his funny gestures and facial expressions each time he explains something from the Bible/preaches.

He was also saying about how Filipinos get mixed up with their P's and F's. Like instead of Part of the Family it becomes Fart of the Pamily. Hahahaha.

Us having fun playing Captain Ball. Or whatever you call it.

Below are the pictures taken from the game which Fiona and I organized. It's some station game where you're supposed to complete a task at every station. We named it Amusing Race. Hahhaa. Not trying to blow my own trumpet but I think it was the best game la. Hehe.

Michelle and Jojo trying to build sandcastles as shown in the diagram on the small blue paper.

Some transferring sea water into another pail through a funnel thingy. It's not easy. This team took the longest time to do it, approximately 7minutes!

Fixing jigsaw puzzle.
This one requires you to bury the tallest member in your group.
We're just so nice! We asked them to finish up a coconut as sort of like a pit stop. But the clock was still ticking of course.
Hahaha. This picture looks so obscene. The guy in white, Kuo Hao made it even more obscene by saying 'Yeah man, hold me tight like you love me.' Lol. See, church people can be fun too. Don't think we're pretending to be holy or whatsoever. Because we don't.

It also pays off to have a big tummy. That way you can grip the water balloon better. Hahaha.
We took so many of these type of jumping pictures.

Like siao zha bor.

Last day of the camp so must do what we do best.

Bollywood wannabes.

I'm signalling for Orlando Bloom. He came up to shore and then I ran away because I was too shy.

Craps aside, other than the 6 sessions we had with Ps Victor, our free time was spent by bonding with each other. Before I forget, we were all divided into different groups on day 1 namely Asher, Levi and Simeon. I was placed in Levi. So all the scores from the games we played were taken into account. My team mates and my kiasuism showed it's colour as soon as we were told about this. We did whatever it takes to win every match were so kiasu. Because of our kiasuism, we also wanted to be sure that we're gonna emerge as champions for the Talentine contest. The rehearsal [read that again, it's singular. yes, it was a spontaneous thing.] caused us to lose marks in our punctuality. Hahah. But it was all worth it because true enough, we won! =)

On the last day after accumulating all the marks, Levi won! woohoo! Guess what we got?!

Behold! We were presented with a... stapler! Yes, my readers, don't look down on this stapler because it has dual functions. It plays its role as a stapler and a keychain. HAHAH. [Yes, I know quite lame but whattado] The other 2 teams got some TwinTowers keychain. Double HAHAHAHA.

Nevertheless, I must admit it is not about the 'present' that mattered most. What I learnt from the camp was some life changing experience with God because I really felt His presence which was so strong and cannot really be explained but have to be experienced for yourself.

I am certain that the rest of us had as much fun as I did, maybe even more.

To those of you who would like to join my youth group, feel free to drop by at our church during our youth meetings. Cross Power Tabernacle, in Taipan opposite Big Bookshop. The youth group is called GAP [God's Amazing People] and our meetings are held every Saturday 8.30p.m.

Thank you for taking time to read this. God bless you. =)

P.S If you're wondering why we're doing that sign in the last picture, well, it's because we're trying to emulate Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. According to our theme, [though this may sound lame] it's true that eventhough we're Zeroes, God still sees us as Heroes in His eyes. Can I get an Amen to that? =)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I've got so many things to tell you.

Hahah. Title sounds emo right?

Anyway, during my school holidays, I've kinda made full use out of it and am happy about it.

Not by studying though. =p Well, so far the highlight of my holiday is that I went to this hot spring place in Sungai Klah and my church's youth camp in Port Dickson. Will blog about the youth camp later when I gather all the pics.

The Sg Klah outing was on the Agung's birthday which also happens to be my Daddy's birthday so another 2 families joined us for the outing.

The night before dad asked us to sleep early because we will be leaving early the next morning.

In the end, my sisters and I woke up slightly late and got scolded again because while we were getting ready, my aunt's family was already downstairs waiting for us.

So off we went to Sg Klah. When we finally reached, I thought to myself that that place isn't what I quite expected. Which is actually good, because I expected it to be worse. I mean, your first impression of a hot spring place is definitely those dirty spots and all right? But this turned out to be wayyyy better than the last one I went to which is I-forgot-where.

I was so blur about where were we at that time. I mean I know it was in Sg Klah, but I didn't know exactly where Sg Klah was.

So I asked mum,
'Mummy, where is Sg Klah ar?'
'Here la! In Perak.'
'What?! We're in Perak already??'

Shaddap. Don't call me a bimbo, because I bet many of you don't know where that is either until you have read this. HAHAHA.

Even grandpa was excited about this place. Hehe.

My cousins and sisters also couldn't hold back their excitement. The jakun in pink proves it all.

There was even a Recovery Room! Dad said it was for people who got scalded. Hahaha. I seriously don't know what is that room for.

This place is quite big so they even have a map for it.

There was even a spot to boil eggs! We ate the eggs with nasi lemak brought by my aunty as our breakfast. Yumm!

The water was hot okay. Forcing ourselves to smile. No, this spot is not the same as the one we used to boil eggs. But there were some geniuses who used the water meant for soaking feets to boil their eggs. HAHAHAH. Yuck.The hot spring pool. The adults asked us to dip ourselves in the pool but the weather was so scorching hot I refused to go in. Later have to go to Recovery Room then how.

Look what we found!

This is what it looks like.

After hanging around that place, we travelled back and headed to Kuala Selangor for seafood lunch! No pics of the food because we were too hungry.

Then we went on to see the monkeys and the lighthouse. Heheh.

The picture is kinda dark so you can't really see the monkey at the back.

But if you wanna see more monkeys, just go and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Hehe. Kidding.

Friday, June 01, 2007


My little baby's finally all grown up. Well, almost. I'm talking about the bird in my house. This is my first time witnessing the process of a bird growing up.

There used to be a few times last time when the bird made its nest on the tree in my house.

But my itchy hands would then touch it and the mama bird would not come back to its nest. Sometimes, I even played with the eggs until I accidentally squashed the egg eggs. [I know, I'm rough!] Thus, the loss of opportunity in seeing a bird grow.

So cute! But super ticklish when it's on your hand!

Next are pictures taken in Cineleisure Damansara on Tues when the Form Six gang went to watch Lanun-Lanun Carribean. =)

This is where they shot the music video for that Ipoh Mali song. I think the graffiti's pretty cool.

Cineleisure has all these cool posters on the wall because many of the shop lots are still vacant so we decided to make a full use out of it and pose. =)

Just in case you still don't know your five senses, here's some visual effect to help you understand better.

Jess the hot mama.

Ley Yeem the hamster.

Xin Min can talk more than your grandmother.

Zhang Zi Yi decides to do some lesbian act with Carol.

Me fatt hao-ing. This is so NOT me. Serious. =p

The whole group.

Anyway, PLEASE CLICK ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT [the sign which looks like the recycling thing] OF THE ADVERTLETS AND DO ME A FAVOUR BY ANSWERING THE POLL THERE PLEASE! [See, I repeated 'please' twice. Shows my sincerity right..=)]


P.S I just realized my blog has an international appeal. LOL. Just look at this:

Unknown Country
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Records taken from my Nuffnang account. How come so many readers come from the Unknown Country?!