Sunday, October 26, 2008

Indonesia, here I come!


Super excited.

I'll be going to Indonesia tomorwow. No, actually in a few hours. (I was emulating Dawn Yang if you're too blur)

Flying with AirAsia. Thank God the journey's short cos I can't imagine myself cramming/sitting in the same position for hours.

If you're wondering which part of Indon will I be touring, it's Solo and Jogyakarta.

Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable one. (And not so much of shedding tears towards the end of the trip, which I doubt)

Oh, would you rather see my future posts about the trip by reading or viewing videos?

Till then, gotta run and start packing! Suppose to leave the house at 4am. Siao-ness!

FYI, I loathe packing. I always have troubles deciding on what to bring. =(

Okay okay. That's all. Bye everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Change of URL.

I have a sudden urge to pang sai change my link.

Suggestions, anyone?

So far the annoying sister suggested *rolls eyes*

Please help me think of something right and no, this is not the time to poke fun of me/my name, thank you very much. =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday I got rewarded by my English lecturer for being the winner in a game.

The game was exactly like the WordChallenge in Facebook.

Who says FB doesn't benefit us?

Oh, and the prize was a bar of Cloud9. HAHAHA.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mixed Emotions.

Is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same moment? I think it's possible, since people always tend to ask this question: 'Would you like to hear the good or bad news first?'

I am currently going through this feeling. Why?

Here's why. My kakak of three years is finally leaving us end of this month. She'll be going back to her hometown for good.
My mum has been asking me: Are you counting down the days till she goes back?
My answer was, 'No. For what?'
Looking back at my reply, it's either I'm heartless or I'm trying to avoid reality.
Avoid the reality as in she's never coming back and we're not gonna hire another one to replace her. That spells out house chores for me! Washing, cleaning, ironing. Oh boy, where do I even begin? Or worse still, HOW do I begin?! =(
Truth be told, I am sure every single one of us in my family will miss her. She is one of the siao-est kakak we've ever had. She has become so attached to us until she's part of the family already. She laughs the loudest in the family. She talks so loud you might think she wanna pick up a fight with you.
She's also the most chilling kakak ever. She watches Heart of Greed on Wah Lai Toi with us (and goes nuts over Moses Chan) and forces us to turn on the subtitles whenever we forget. (Not like I'll forget, cos I can't deal without subtitles. Heh)
Sometimes she will be the one whom I confide in whenever I'm down. (Though I might take awhile to talk because my Malay is quite karat-ed already)
We've been persuading her to extend her contract but she's definite about going back because she misses her family badly and vice-versa. =(
On the other hand, the happy news is that the whole family is flying off to Indonesia for the sake of sending her off and making sure she reaches home safely. Plus, we also get to spend a couple of days there for a holiday.
I guess that's a perfect example of having a string of mixed emotions. Actually I have more 'mixed' emotions but I can't possibly pen down my thoughts out here because it's way too personal and I don't think I'm ready to let the public know. Even though they might not care.
Oh well, this is just another random post of me letting out a sigh or two wondering what will happen in the days to come. (& praying I'll have the strength to overcome everyday)
PS: Sarah, Jie Jie is backing you up okay. Do your best! Jia You! (Poor girl was so nervous she couldn't sleep well last night)
PPS: This is by far the emo-iest entry I've written. What is wrong with me!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bake, bake.

Okay, so if you remember this clearly, you will very well know it is not my first time *ahem* baking.

FionaDeAnnoying had the sudden urge to bake one fine evening. She dragged me out of bed (yes, I was sleeping cos I had a morning class earlier) to follow her to Giant hypermarket to get the necessities.

She printed out a few of the recipes but didn't take down the exact baking measurements because we weren't sure how much 1cup of *whatever* actually is in ounce/gram/kilogram. Had to browse online again for the proper measurements.

Finally decided to go with Orange Cupcakes! It's pretty simple. Just dump in everything it says in the recipe and mix!

Ahaha, quite disgusting I know. But all cakes will have to go through that ugly duckling phase before turning into a beautiful swan.

See.. Can even spell my own name. With a 'retarded smiley' (quotes FionaDeAnnoying). I know it doesn't look pretty here but it sure tastes OKAY. It's edible and you won't cringe your face when you eat it. I guess you can consider that as equivalent to 'okay', right? =) Sorry la, I can't decorate it to make it pretty because I don't own those canggih-manggih baking utensils. At least it didn't have that 'funky' icing taste which I did last time. It's a tad too sweet but sweeter is better than tasteless, no?

I'm gonna be shameless and give myself a pat on the back because of this success! Heh.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I can't walk long in heels.

I think the lazy bug has gotten into me. I am so lazy to update, yet I cannot bear to leave this blog 'untouched'.
Gonna just type a few lines regarding the day we went to celebrate my cousin, Su May's belated birthday at BarBQ Plaza. First time dining there, wasn't too bad. :)

We walked around the whole of OU for a total of six hours! Not a wise decision to wear heels if you're gonna do a lot of walking. I was stupid enough for opting to wear heels that day. My feet was just screaming at me the entire time to give it a break. But the other three kept walking non-stop like some machine so I had no choice but to follow. I guess I'm not the heel-y kinda person. Haha.

In the end, I only spent my money on lunch (RM20) + pretty flip flops which were only RM10! Haha, not bad right...despite all the temptations around the entire mall.

Oh wait, I forgot I spent on Starbucks too. Total spent that day was roughly RM 38. Good enough, I suppose. =)

P.S Oh oh, the Mamma Mia tickets are already on sale! =) I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go!
The downside? They're sooooooooo expensive!! =(