Monday, November 27, 2006


Us camhoe-ing [My cousin pronounces it that way..Haha..]

The bride's mum and dad.
The gorgeous bride.
The bridegroom attempting to do a yoga pose called 'tree' or something.
He even sang to her while she looks down from the balcony. Awwww..Romantic.

All of them running to enter into the house. [Yes, those are disposable panties on their heads!]

After the tea ceremony. My sisters. Colourful dresses.


As y'all know, I was in Kuantan on Friday till Sunday because of the wedding I had to attend.
So let me just brief you all about the whole event for all you stalkers who are dying to know. =)

I don't know if it was due to excitement or what but I woke up the earliest. At 6a.m. So I went downstairs and watched a whole episode of America's Next Top Model.

Okay, cut the story short. Went to PJ, picked cousin up, started journey... Then we stopped halfway at the Temerloh Rest House to rest la duh. And also to take our lunch. Hehe.. Oh, and the cool part is that the rest house is owned by my relative. So yeah, they prepared a really yummy lunch for us. =p

We then continued our journey after that. Dad asked why didn't we [my sisters & I] talk to my relative's punya kids. At that point, I didn't know who exactly were their children cos they were growing up and maturing so quickly I couldn't tell who was who. Or maybe cos we were not paying much attention bacause we were..
busy taking pics. Lol. There are more actually but don't wanna post too many here cos later you all get jealous cos we're so pretty eye sore. =)

After that, we finally reached Kuantan. The place we stayed at is called Duta Village or something like that. Sounds so village-ish right. Well, the place wasn't that nice also. But okay la, stayable. Hahaha..
Walked down to the beach to enjoy the breeze and take more pics. =)

Then at night we went over to the bride's house for dinner and took pics again. Hahahaha..

The next day was the 'zhip san leong' [picking up bride] day. We were at the bride's house quite early so we went to kacau her, her mother and father for a bit while waiting for the bridegroom to arrive.

When the man finally arrived, the bridesmaid and her friends all played out the bridegroom for the longest record I've ever seen. 45minutes man! Beat that. They asked him to perform all sorts of tasks such as yoga, create and recite a poem, pull a strand of hair from any part of his body [cos he's bald], smell and detect which is the bride's favourite perfume scent, waxing his legs [!] and many more. Honestly, if I was the bridegroom I would have just barged into the house. Lol. He did admit that his patience was running thin though.

[I just realized Blogspot's giving me a hard time uploading pics so I'll post it in another post.That's not gonna stop me from uploading it. Lol.]

By the way, at this point I finally realized the existence of the Temerloh uncle's children and thought that one of them was cute too. Haha..[What are you thinking, Florence!!? He's related to you..!!]

Next it was dinner time. Honestly speaking, my cousins and I expected it to be held in some hotel ballroom. We were so wrong. When we got out of the car, we thought 'oh, is this it?' ..Not that the food was bad but I think we were 'overdressed'..Well, they say if the hotel is nice and all, the food won't taste as I guess this is like the other way round..Lol..Yeah, so after we finished eating like pigs and the yum seng session, we headed back to our grandauntie's home again to erm, just lepak there. Cos the adults wanted to chit chat some more.

Okay la, this should be everything. Nothing else which I can remember.

Oh, and all the not so close cousins have really grown up man. Wonder if I did as well or I still look as childish. Heehee...=)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bangs head on the wall.

Finally I'll be out of the house for a couple of days. Out of the house but still stuck with the family, that is. We'll be going to Kuantan to attend a wedding ceremony there. Haven't done any packing yet but will do so tonight.

I must admit that holidays are the time to relax and stuff. But this is seriously too boring for me man! Can't get my hands on my books. Then when I laze around too much, my body aches. [Yup, laziness can make you ache too]

Argh! And again I must say, being stuck in the house with your younger sibling is not all! Someone get me outta here! =p

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Okay, the title might be a lil exaggerated but wait till you see the pics. You'll be shocked.

This incident occurred yesterday. In my house. With an animal my younger sister.
It all happened when we were playing a game of cards. [Yes, again] I was too bored, that's why.
Everything was smooth going at first, but when I finally won...

BAM! Her hands smacked my thighs. I was so stunned I didn't know how to react. Apparently, she said I cheated and was sour over my victory. In other words, she's a big sore loser!

So after that, I started yelling at her to ask why on earth did she hit me. Younger sis bullying older sis wei. I wanted to get back at her by whacking her but somehow I just didn't/couldn't. Prolly I was scared of over-hitting her or the Holy Spirit just stopped me from doing so. Nyahahaha...

Here's pictures/evidence of my very badly scarred and injured leg.

Wah, look at that. Handprint kao kao. Damn serious right.

Don't ask why got water. After showering la then.

Who said girls don't fight? Especially being around a hooligan like her, it's hard not to argue with her. Oh, and the reason I'm typing this the next day after it happened is to prevent me from cussing all over this entry.

On a happier note, I went out with Amanda today to Pyramid to get over the trauma just lepak/catch up with each other and watched Death Note. The story line was not bad, only thing the ending sucked. Guess there's gonna be a part two. Amanda & I. She's really one of a kind. Rich yet humble, I like! =) We can never run out of things to talk about eventhough we haven't seen each other for months and I really feel comfortable being with her cos she always laughs at the lamest jokes I make.

P/S: I wore my skirt out today so it wasn't scarred like what I mentioned. Hehe..

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ugly duckling.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

How many of you actually agree to that line?? I assume a majority would answer 'yes'. As for me, I'll say yes too. It's just that the outer beauty matters to me as well. Call me whatever you want but I'm SURE many of you judge people based on first impressions. And that includes, duh, LOOKS. [Don't attempt hiding that guilt and acting all innocent like you don't]

Please don't get me wrong cos what I meant by judging was definitely not the type who goes like 'Yer, he's so ugly I never wanna go near him' type.

Anyways, that's beyond my point. My main intention is about to tell you all that a cute/hawt/leng chai/[insert all the positive qualities you can think of here] guy viewed my profile. Seriously sizzlin one. Angmoh-ish mix something. Fuyoo. So chun can make straight guys turn gay. Hahahaha..BIG DEAL la! Did he send me a message? NO. Did he send me a friend request? NO.

My younger sister, Sarah, who was beside me when I checked my account said that maybe he was searching for HER instead. Zha dou.

Aiyoo. Is my profile not interesting enough for you? Am I not worthy to be your friend?!
Okay, I should really stop...

You all should really save me some 'muka' by not telling me I look like an ugly duckling. Surely I look a little better than that? Better say yes I tell you. LOL.


P/S: I'm not serious about the part where I sounded desperate. Really. I wasn't. =)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You wouldn't believe this.

I know I have been talking bout my dad in the previous post. I can't help it but to talk about him again.

Know why? Cos he is UNBELIEVABLE. He actually googled for my blog address. Can't he just ask me directly? Just because I mentioned to him once that I've blogged about him not letting me take up that job.

LOL. My dad reading my blog. Or at least attempted to. Cos I doubt he found out. Seriously, why didn't he click straight at the address link bar at the top of the window instead of googling it? Shall confront him about this tonight.

Oh by the way, if you are wondering how did I find out all these..It's cos I went to Google and wanted to type Cheerleaders Malaysia to visit that site. But I accidentally pressed 'F' instead of 'C'. So when the letter 'F' was typed, the sentence 'Florence Lim Su Wan's blog' appeared. He google searched it! Argh!

Anyway, based on what you've read, you obviously know that I'm just assuming that Dad read it cos like I said, I don't really know if he was the one who did it.

It cant be my other 2 sisters cos they very well know my blog url and wont be such a nuisance to google it. Mum rarely touches the computer and even if she does, it'll just be to play a game of Solitaire.
Unless you're thinking it's my maid lah..Hahaha..

Now that I think about this carefully, maybe he has been stalking my blog all this while!! Omg..

I can now enter Kenny Sia's contest. My dad the desperate addict. Hehehe..kidding..

Jeng jeng jeng..This is how he looks like =) Man, look at that mischievous smile of his!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A little help, please?

No, this is not gonna be a post regarding saving a helpless little girl's life.

Actually, come to think of it, yes lah maybe a little. If you consider me as a little girl.

I NEED MONEY! [What for, you ask?]

To SHOP la then! It's been such a long time since I pampered myself with nice stuffs.

And NO, I'm not asking my dear readers to contribute money for me to shop. That's just mean. And I'm not one. =p

It's just that there's this job offered to me by my friend. And the pay is really good. [It's so good until my sister thinks it's a syndicate]. The only catch is that the working hours are kinda inappropriate. 6.30pm-12.30am. [By the time you pack up everything, it'll be later than that] Location? Asia Cafe. Not a problem, I say. What I'm selling? Some fuel-saving tablet. Heard of it before, right?

But...but...guess what? Daddy doesn't allow this little girl to work =( Before that, I went to Mummy to ask whether can or not. Then she said ask your father. Fine, so I SMS-ed him in school. [WHAT? Don't gimme that stare. Bored in school lah, no teacher. DON'T say I didn't pay attention=)]

My SMS to dad was just basically telling him the job details and bugging, pestering, begging [whichever you wanna call it] him to let me do it cos I am so in need of cash baybeh!

His reply to me was so lame, uncool but funny. In a way.
Wanna know what he replied??

Behold, daddy dearest reply to his 'beloved' daughter:-
"Don't take it. Money is not everything. Pls remember the devil is everywhere waiting to devour us. Pray pray n pray."

Wah lao eh. Sounds so..sigh, I also speechless already. Showed this SMS to a couple of my friends and they too, can't help it but to stifle a laugh.
Money is not everything? Then gimme more allowance! Parents are so so not understanding. Correction, MY parents, I mean. A parent of another friend of mine asked her to take up that job instead of my friend asking her mum. Totally opposite from my case!

They always tell me to save up and that it's not easy earning money. Let me be independent then! I wanna earn my own money and not always ask from them. Asking them for money is like asking the wall. Not all the time though, have to admit that.

Some more it's not like I haven't tried working before. I can't figure what's so wrong with taking up this job.

Someone please teach me how to persuade them..
Seriously, I'm so depressed that I'm in the verge of breaking down any minute now......

Did you fall for my last sentence? If you did, I have a potential of being a drama queen. If you didn't, oh well, I'll try harder next time. =)