Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random update.


Can you believe it's gonna be almost a month since I started my internship? How time passes by so quickly! :)

The girls in my family went shopping last night at BTS. Yeah, headed back all the way to KL to shop although I go there everyday now. No complaints though, since it created four very contented souls that evening.

And guess what? Tonight's dinner will be at KL again. International buffet at Hilton with the loved ones. Again, I'm not complaining because when there's food and good company, nothing can go wrong :) Well, except for diarrhoea lah, haha but let's just hope nobody gets it.

Oh, and just for laugh's sake. This one's especially dedicated to all the guitarists out there. For the first time in my life, I changed my own strings!! *clap clap*

But it took me..TWO HOURS to change. HAHAHAHAH! Oh wait for it, that's not the worst part. I also broke one string which was still new which meant that I had to go back to the music store to get another individual string. Then I suddenly had this string phobia that it might snap again, so I brought it to church to ask my friend help me change. And he took like TWO MINUTES to change. Hahah.

And the funniest part is, I accidentally poked myself with the string on my finger that it bled. LOL. What a klutz.

Well, whatever I went through saved me 20 bucks, so I think it's pretty worth it la. To have someone change for you, they'll charge RM20 for service charge.

I successfully changed 5 strings by myself k! Big achievement for a noob like me :) Hahah.

Sighh. How I love the weekends. Here I am typing this on the comfort on my own bed, snuggling beneath the comforter. I can hardly have this kinda time ever since I started work. And to think that tomorrow is work day and the need to squeeze with people in the train totally puts me off.

But let's just put that aside for now and look forward to dinner later. Hehe. I'm such a glutton!

Take care everybody and let's look forward to the next weekend! :)

P.S The new blog template is so pretty right! Hehe!

Monday, June 07, 2010


Got a funny joke to share before I head to bed. I was practically laughing the whole day today man. Since morning in church until supper with cheer friends.

So right, we were talking about which hot celebrities we fancy and our answers were..
Me: I like Josh Duhamel!
Fu Hun: OMG. Gerard Butler is so hot..
Chee Wei: I think Ryan Reynolds is not bad.
Sebastian: Mmm. Scarlett Johansen!!
Cheng Choo: (Haha sorry babe I forgot who you mentioned.)
U-Sern: I like Jude Law!
Jun Kang: Hah. What ah. You like JU-ON?

HAHAHHAHAHAHA! His Kangism never ends.

Friday, June 04, 2010

No life.

Now I know how working life feels like. Working life = no life. It is such a fixed routine. By the time I get home, I'll be so tired that I'm guaranteed to be in bed before midnight. Next morning, wake up early, repeat.

Oh, and don't get me started on public transportation. The train always gets delayed, which is really frustrating especially when you're rushing for time. And count your blessings if you ever manage to get a seat.

At first I was so psyched about working. Now? Not anymore. I fell sick yesterday. My mum went, 'Har? So fast need to take MC ah?' Thank God for the speedy recovery.

Oh dear, and it's only the fourth day since I started work.

I really can't see myself working in the near future. Such a dread. Hopefully my perception will change for the better soon.