Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Outing to Pavilion & Kenko.

As if the title wasn't obvious enough, let me repeat it again.

Mum decided to bring the entire family out for hang kai at Pavilion because she has not been there before since it existed. The parking fee at Pavilion is insane, I still wonder why people are so willing to park there. (Dad included)

So we just pretty much loitered around the mall, with Fiona bugging the parents to quickly search for a restaurant cos her stomach was growling. Haha.

As for me, I guess I am still having the Mamma Mia! fever because each time we saw an ang moh, I would stop and say to Sarah, 'Look! That's [insert cast name] over there!'

And Sarah bought it for the first time I played that trick. Hehe.

Finally, we settled at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner. I actually prefer Kim Gary's to Wong Kok but dad seem to favour Wong Kok so much more until he even signed up for a membership card.
The view was amazing. We could actually see the Twin Towers from the restaurant.

Right after dinner, Fiona & I headed to Kenko Fish Spa to pamper our feet! Lol. The fish spa treatment was complimentary thanks to hunky Mr Low Shermund for giving me vouchers. Hehe. Thanks ya!
At the entrance.

We were requested to wash and scrub our feet beforehand.

Picture of Fiona's leg. It looks damn gross right. Hahah.

I honestly don't know if it was due to kiasu-ness or what but she got used to it like super fast okay! I, on the other hand, was struggling so bad to keep both my feet underwater. It was such a tingling sensation, I had to withdraw my legs every 3 seconds or so on the first few times.

Our faces after getting used to the ticklish feeling.

A fish jumped out from the water. Mum and Dad were so mean. They commented that the fish couldn't take the odour of our feet so it decided to commit suicide. Hahah. Lame!
This section was where they kept larger fishes. Surprisingly, it was not as ticklish as the smaller ones.Kenko's layout.
Overall, I would say it was a fun experience! Go try it and get tickled hahah.

I cannot believe how the year 2008 is ending in less than a few hours. Nevertheless, I am definitely looking forward in ushering the new year with a fresh beginning.

Happy 2009 everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Everybody loves celebrating Christmas. Some even said it is the best season of the year. While we may all enjoy receiving and giving presents, eating stuffed turkey, decorating Christmas trees and all that jazz, we must never neglect the true meaning of Christmas.

The purpose of this day is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please do not give credits and any attention to Santa Claus cos I don't even know how this made up character even existed or contributed in this world.

The siblings and I decided to record our home-made video again. This time we managed to influence the youngest one to join in our group. (We're expanding!) Hahaha.

Please do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT laugh at us or diss us okay. Heheh. You can always not click on the 'Play' icon if you don't wanna listen to it. I'm not forcing you. But oh well, if you insist, the song's called Feliz Navidad! I'm sure all of you know this right? Feel free to sing along hahah! (You know you want to!) Enjoy!

Have a joyous Christmas everybody!
(Note to self and you reading this: Go slow on the food!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A night to remember.

Last night was definitely a night to remember!

I loved every bit of it and was pumped up even before I reached the place. You know they say not to have too high expectations of something in case it does not reach your level of expectation?

Well, I did not bother about that saying and had really high expectations about the musical right from the beginning.

My verdict of the musical? It did not disappoint me at all plus it met every single bit of my expectations and beyond! I give it a 1000 thumbs-up! (Cos I'm positive the audience would agree with me) Yes, it was that good. It kept me grinning like an idiot throughout the entire show. =)

The energy exuded by the casts were amazing. The singing and dancing were awesome! They belted out 23 songs in total.

What made the show extra special was because we were seated so near to the stage, we could literally see the band like right below us. I swear I can even read their music notes on the music stand. Hahah. The stage was apart from our seats by just a mere 3m! We were that close to the casts. And even closer to the musicians. I personally loved the music a lot!

Man, the musicians were soo hot! Especially the guitarists and the drummer. Hahah, we were so distracted from watching the musical. Our eyes did not know where to focus.

The casts were all too good-looking! (Fiona drooled a bucketful of saliva)

The acting was superb. The lines were almost exact like the lines from the movie. The only difference is that they added a bit more in this musical. Oh, and there was quite a number of boob-grabbing during the scenes! I'm quite surprised they're so open-minded here in a country like Malaysia. =p

The only downside is that there were not much leg room from our seats. Comfort wasn't an issue since our eyes were too busy 'feasting' on the casts. Lol.

We wanted to get up from our seats to groove with them (It was infectious I tell you! Even mum went slightly crazy! hahaa!!) but we were afraid of blocking the other people's view so we changed our minds.
Before the musical started.

The awesome, hot guitarist. *heart melts*

Photography and videography were obviously prohibited in the theatre thus the lack of pictures. Or else I would so prove my point about the good-looking casts!

Front seats! After the show.

Our contented faces.

Truly a night to remember! =D

P.S Poor Daddy wasn't left alone at the corner sniffin' the wall for the entire show. He joined us during the intermission because there were two empty seats beside mine. It was just too perfect. =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas treat!

It was so difficult keeping mum about this issue. I have been trying so hard. Yet, I feel like I could not keep my mouth (or rather fingers) shut anymore.

Guess what people! My Christmas present came knockin' on the door early this year =)


Yup yup yup! I will be watching the Mamma Mia! musical after all. The reason why I couldn't blog about this earlier was because the tickets were not confirmed whether it would reach our hands yet. But now, it's official! My family and I are all going to watch the musical at Istana Budaya in another less than 24 hours.

Oh, and get this. It's free of charge! Percuma! Those expensive tickets are free! Woot!

It all started when mum informed us that her company would be giving out free tickets.
We were so exuberantly delighted at that point already. Then, few days back, she suddenly informed us that we might not be able to go after all because the tickets were running out fast. Our hopes were instantly dashed.

However, she finally managed to grab hold of those tickets and gave it to us just now.
I asked Fiona to google the seating plan to see how far away would our seats be from the stage. FOC what, can't expect too much right?

Ze tickets!

We have four of the green ones and one pink.

As we scrolled down the page searching, we hyperventilated (or at least I did).

Much to our delight, the plan showed that we will be seated near the stage. In fact, too near. So I don't know if it's a good thing or not.

Then, we searched further to see where the pink ticket seat was...

Hahaha, right at the corner at the top!

Daddy dearest has 'volunteered' to sit there. Aww. Being the man of the house, he has to right! What a gentleman. Hehe.. =)

He even comforted himself by saying he'll get the best view. Lol!

It's such a blessing to have the whole family watch this musical together without forking out a single cent.

God is truly, wonderfully awesome!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy week.

Holla people!

It's been a real busy week for me. I was so tied up with assignments, cheer camp (they call it a camp but the participants don't stay overnight. [except for those from Penang and Ipoh] ahaha. so it wasn't really a camp I guess), and carolling.

Was a fun week indeed! Minus the assignments part of course.

Christmas is just around the corner! I am so excited! I have a few things on my list which I want as presents. So, if you are feeling generous this season, do ask me for my list so you won't get me the wrong item! Hahaha!

Waking up early practically every morning isn't a pleasant thing for me. (Hey, 8 in the morning is early!) That explains why I can't wait for my holidays to start! *wink*

Admit it. Everybody has a 'pig' living in them. We all love to eat and sleep, don't we?

Hah. I'm blabbing too much. Will update more frequently when I've got the time.

Till then, ta! xx

Monday, December 08, 2008

Look who's the bimbo now.

This story is about a conversation I had with someone while I was on my trip to Indonesia.

Scene One
Her: OMG. The bakso is so yummy. I don't mind eating it everyday. I think I'm possessed with it already.
Me: WHAT? You mean obsessed is it? HAHAHAHAHA. *laughs hysterically followed by telling my parents my new found joke*
Her: Uh yeah.

Scene Two
After we finished touring Kraton (the place where the royalty used to live)...
Me: Eh, so where are we going after this?
Her: I dunno. Kraton, I think.
Me: Harh? But we just came out of Kraton. *laughs hysterically followed by running to my parents to update them about the even newer joke*
Her: Eh stupid don't laa.

Look who is the bimbo now. Hehehe. =)

No prizes for guessing who's the bimbo. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where is the moment when you need it the most?

Today was a crappy day. Wait, I mean yesterday since it's technically 1:19AM now. I am extremely worn out now so I won't go into much details. Let's just say it was not my day.

That aside, I shall continue with my Indonesia entry. Last one! 'Cause I am so lazy to update so I decided to fit the last two days in one post. Brilliant.

The second last day was more of a laid-back day. We did not do much except for walking around places aimlessly and marvel at things you cannot find back here.

Kak's husband did not follow us that evening. I think he was really tired cos he preferred to stay back at the hotel to rest.

So obviously it was my kak's 'duty' to be the tour guide this time around.

Haggling the price with some beca dude. I forgot what the trishaw is called over there.

Yay! Happy faces as we all managed to bargain until we were satisfied. Cheap! All thanks to my kakak. Seriously if you were to travel there, bring a local with you. That way, they won't dare cheat you therefore things would be much cheaper.

Dinner at some Chinese restaurant. Hahaha, went all the way there to eat Chinese food. Wasn't a surprise that mum and dad found this the most enjoyable meal we had. Hahah.

Next day, we went to Kraton, the place where the King used to live. Those who love gaining knowledge about the ancient royalty will love this place. As for me, it was just alright.

Wore a sarung because shorts were not allowed at this specific area. The Roman empire sculpture behind was a gift to the King.

Under another umbrella ella ella eh eh eh again. A gigantic one.

For dinner, we had Nasi Gudeg. My kakak was craving for this since she reached there. She persuaded all of us to give it a shot and so we did.

It actually tasted quite good.

Being a true Malaysian we stuffed more food inside us until we were truly satisfied. Ordered this sate sapi (the insides/intestines/unwanted parts of a cow).

YEAHHH! Chomp chomp!

Tired-but-still-must-smile-for-the-cam look.

Last group picture!

That's all folks! I am so tired. Please don't mind the lack of creativity in this post. By that, I mean lack of lameness hahah I know you love it right. Okay I really need to go my brain's shutting down now. Goodbye everyone!!