Monday, March 23, 2009


I wanna sleep. I need sleep, but I can't sleep just yet. Waiting for my hair to air dry before plopping myself into bed so might as well scribble a bit here first.

The whole day was spent at Cineleisure. I was hoping the night before that everything would run smoothly but unfortunately, certain things ended being screwed up. Other than that, the day was alright.

The Thailand team really touched my heart. This is their second time performing at C3 and their first time competing. The Thai faces were really familiar to all of us so we welcomed them with thunderous applause each time they made a move came up on the mat.

When it was finally time for Rainbows (the Thai boys) to perform, everything went okay until suddenly one of them did a tumble and landed on his knee. He couldn't move and the music had to be stopped. They brought him over to the side and sprayed something on the knee so it would be numb. By then, a few of them started tearing to see their friend suffering in pain.

However, the one injured was extremely determined to complete the performance so he went back on the mat with his mates and started the whole performance again and it was just so awesome! Even with his injury, they managed to pull off the stunts and complete the entire show. In the end, so many of them cried because despite the accident, they still did it. When I looked at their faces, I couldn't help but to go 'Awww'. (in my heart of course, not literally)

I have to admit that that moment was dramatic yet very emotional. They were so united that it just puts a smile on your face automatically whenever you see them. I think this essence of unity is really important in order for a team to succeed.

That being said, the teams here have a lot to pick up from them. From the showmanship to the unity right to the determination.

What I just witnessed today was truly inspiring.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Charm Cheerleading Championships 2009

It's the time of the year again. CHARM is organising its' third annual cheerleading championships at Cineleisure Damansara.

Be sure to drop by there and not miss the fun!

This year, international teams from Philippines and Thailand will be participating as well. So, it's definitely gonna be a very interesting event. :)

Pictures are taken from the Sense Around booklet.

Details are as above.

I'll see you guys there! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 21st Jasmine!

Okay, I figured that I left the picture of my feet hanging at the top of my blog long enough. It's time for an update.

Went to Pyramid last night to celebrate Jasmine's 21st. The initial plan was to go to The Curve but since it was already kinda late, we decided to opt for somewhere nearer. Dined at Itallianese, ambience was too quiet. We practically owned the whole level. Heh.

Moved to Old Town after that to chat some more.

Jasmine & Aman

Jasmine & Laveen

With Amanda.


Wanted a group picture so we called the waiter to help us snap. Turned out he had shaky hands :(

The two pictures below are self-timer shots.

Once again, Happy 21st Birthday Jazzie! I hope you enjoyed your night and presents :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ouch :(

Let's play a guessing game.

Guess which side of my foot got sprained and swelled up like a ball?
No prize for guessing correctly though because I think it's pretty obvious based on the picture.

It's times like this when I miss my kakak, cos she would always help me rub sloan on the swollen ankle whenever I complained of the pain. :(

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Today I got accused for something I did not do. In other words, I got framed.

Know why?

Well, I was attending a class today and somehow this class entertains me because of the lecturer. Her English is not very good, therefore when she speaks, she tends to make mistakes. In fact, a lot of them.

Some of the mistakes are tolerable.

But when she speaks like that, she has to understand that it is really difficult for us students to refrain from giggling.

So today, she said something which tickled my funny bone again.

She was talking about globalisation and it somehow ended up to some countries with natural disasters, many dead bodies, dig up a hole, throw them in, crenemate them.

Yeah, cremate turned to crenemate.

Then obviously I couldn't help it but to smile. Even before I giggled, she started accusing my friends and I for distracting her from teaching! She said that this is the non-verbal communication type of distraction. *roll eyes*

I even told my family about what she said in the previous class and they all agreed it was funny okay.

Guess what was it?

Paralyze turned to...


Tell me how not to laugh! (Or at least smile!)