Monday, September 29, 2008

Super leng house.

Yee Ming has the most beautiful house ever. It's so huge you can actually keep a dozen of elephants inside. Hehe..

We (the Charm-ies) and her uni mates were invited to her birthday party on Saturday. On the way there, I was thinking to myself 'Wah, where does she stay la..why so secluded?'
Upon reaching, I finally knew why it was that secluded. Obviously it was a rich man's area , so must be secure from all the dangers :) The security was pretty tight. (Pun intended) Lol. Cos even the guard house looked canggih.

The bungalows there were the open-concept kinda thing or whatever you call it. No gates, just buy the land and design your own house. Cool eh? Yeah, simple. Pay a hefty price of RM8mil and the place is yours. By the way, it's situated at Country Heights Damansara.
I'll let the pictures do the talking about the house, but trust me, even the pictures can't do justice to the place. Oh, and have I mentioned that the house is four-storeys high?
View from outside.

Her parents told us to make ourselves at home. Since most of the rest weren't there yet (we weren't early, the rest were late. haha) , we took the opportunity to 'make ourselves at home' or raid her house, like what U-Sern said.

It felt like I was entering into an episode of MTV Cribs. The only difference is that the production is made locally. Heh.

There's a swimming pool behind us. Too bad it was dark so we couldn't capture it =(

See-through bathroom. Shower party, anyone? =p

Marcus made this absolutely fantastic Banofee pie, but you wouldn't wanna know what the ingredients were.

While Mag and I were busy stuffing his creation into our mouths joyfully...

Jimmy: Eh Marcus, what did you use to do this?
Marcus: Banana, brown sugar, condensed milk, toffee, ...
Me to Mag: Hear no evil! *Quickly stuffed the last bite into our mouths*

Speaking of which, I just realized I felt guilty twice that night. Once was the one stated above and another goes like this:

Jimmy: Who wants chicken?
Me: I want!

Chicken arrives. I happily dug in at first, until Mr Chong saw me and said..

Mr Chong: Wah, Florence. Remember you're the flyer you know.
Me: *Smiles, feels guilty, shoves the chicken into my mouth anyway* *feels guilty again*
Don't worry, I'll lose it later.

Our celebrity!! The one in the dress, not the poser. Ngekngekngek.
The TV room. Again, it was too dark. =(

Then, Marcus literally dragged me into the house to play Twister even though I said I didn't want to countless times. Grr, so layan only lah.

Thank God I didn't have to sniff anybody's butt.

Their birthdays were only a few days apart, so we sang for all 3 of them.

Went with the family to watch this movie last night. It was so awesome. I loved every bit of it! Go watch it already if you haven't. What you waiting for?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hahaha! This is the best website to syiok sendiri man, seriously.

Those who consider themselves in the syiok sendiri category can always come to this site to see how pretty you can turn out to be if you were born with mixed blood. Hehe. It's super addictive. Not only that, it will also make you go...'Haih, why wasn't I born with looks like this :('

The original photo I uploaded was this:

Okay, I know la damn ugly shaddap. Couldn't find a better picture 'cos I rarely smile without showing my teeth.

However, you have to believe me when I tell you that this site does wonders to your ugly face and transforms you into a beautiful swan and makes you live in denial because you are too busy swooning at your newly found face.

Super boh liao, I know. But you have to admit it's very entertaining =)

Okay, here's a bonus for you guys. If you are as boh liao as me, see if you can tell who I morphed myself with. They're pretty easy to tell. Answers will be at the bottom.


P8120446.JPG and Cristina Ricci -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Rose McGowan combined together -


P8120446.JPG's Face Combined with Megan Fox -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Vanessa Hudgens combined together -


P8120446.JPG's Face Combined with Jennifer Aniston -


P8120446.JPG and Ayumi Hamasaki -

P8120446.JPG's Face Combined with Avril Lavigne -


P8120446.JPG and Victoria Beckham Faces Combined Together -


P8120446.JPG and Christina Aguilera Faces Combined Together -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Jessica Alba combined together -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Jennifer Lopez combined together -


P8120446.JPG and Lindsay Lohan -


P8120446.JPG and Ashley Tisdale Faces Combined Together -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Keira Knightley combined together -

P8120446.JPG and Eva Longoria -


P8120446.JPG and Hillary Duff -

The faces of P8120446.JPG and Hayden Panettiere combined together -

Whoa! 17 pictures altogether. So tak tau malu. Lol.

1. Christina Ricci
2. Rose McGowan
3. Megan Fox
4. Vanessa Hudgens
5. Jennifer Aniston
6. Ayumi Hamasaki
7. Avril Lavigne
8. Victoria Beckham
9. Christina Aguilera
10. Jessica Alba
11. Jennifer Lopez
12. Lindsay Lohan
13. Ashley Tisdale
14. Keira Knightley
15. Eva Longoria
16. Hillary Duff
17. Hayden Panettiere

I also morphed myself with guys. Wah, I we look damn hensem lor.

P8120446.JPG's Face Combined with Justin Timberlake -


The faces of P8120446.JPG and Josh Duhamel combined together -

Josh Duhamel.

This one's the best...


P8120446.JPG and Michael Jackson -


Edit: Hahaha oh em gee. I feel so shy now. I just realised that you can see the answers by moving your mouse onto the picture. *hides face*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bye bye.

I cannot believe how time passes by so quickly. The last time we were still pushing aside reality about how long more till you leave. Now, you're gone.
Haha, I don't mean gone eternally. We kept joking about how you should treasure everything now because it's your last time. That got you pissed cos the way we said it was like you were gonna die. Ahaha. We didn't mean it that way! =)

His lovely family.
Haha, sorry I had to put this up. :) I will miss your silly antics and goofy moments.

I wish you all the best in everything that you lay your hands on. Hehe. Take good care okay? Will be waiting for your return!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farewell dinner.

Last night, my family and I went to D'Fortune at Taipan for a farewell dinner dedicated to Pastor Ruth. We had a great time fellowshipping with one another throughout the entire dinner.

While waiting for the food to arrive. Take one.
Take two.
First up was this so-called shrimp cocktail.
We were given the option to choose our soups. Sarah's order, wild mushroom soup.
The oxtail soup. Didn't manage to capture the onion and tomyam soup though.
Escargots. =)
Chicken chop.

Lamb chop.

Seafood spaghetti.

That's Mojojojo in the white top.

The tables were lined up like super long man.

I told you so.

I guess I'll have to sum it up by saying that everyone enjoyed themselves especially chit-chatting. We were there for about 4 hours and even after settling the bill (the boss wanted to close shop already), the adults could not stop yakking so we all proceeded outside to continue chatting.

My friend who saw me there asked if it was some kinda family dinner. Although not actually related, I can confidently say that we're definitely united as one in Christ. This is what I call my family in Christ.