Tuesday, October 05, 2010

First time experience.

Have you ever watched a movie in a Gold Class cinema before?

Me neither...
Well, right until a couple of weeks back when my uncle had extra tickets to watch "Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps" at One Utama. Thanks Uncle Jeremy! =)

We were super jakun la. See, the seats are huge and so so comfortable!! Can incline/recline, food & beverages were on the house because the whole cinema was booked that night.

Then obviously we needed to make good use out of it right. So the list of food we ordered were popcorn, 1901 hotdogs, KitKat, meatballs, nuggets, ice blended mocha & cappucino (extremely yums!!). Heh. Okay, before you judge, that was our dinner okay. So, the food intake is pretty acceptable ya? LOL.

Felt so pampered =)

Moving on, my sister and I have brought out our businesswoman skills by setting up a blogshop. So, do drop by, browse freely, and order whatever you want/would want to see in the future!

We are called...the...*jengjengjeng*...

Urban Stylistas!

HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, couldn't come up with a better name so here's the link:


Spread the word! Thanks y'all!

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p n g said...

Wow "one leg kick all" ...the "modelle" looks like you :D